You have been instructed by Rod Spiller, a local play right and director. He has written a play called ‘Chasing the Dragon’ about drugs abuse by young people in Wales. 

His aim is to portray a balance picture of drugs abuse, ie both highs and lows. He feels while the message of the play is ultimately anti-drugs, that message is more credible if the play acknowledges that many users find drugs uplifting. He wants his theatre company to perform the play in local youth clubs but is worried that because some people might argue that it glorifies drug taking, he may be committing some sort of offence. 

Could you please as a matter of urgency, research the following issues? 
1. Is it an offence to promote a play in local youth clubs which glorifies drugs taking?
2. If so, would any defence be available to the client?
3. What potential liability does the client face if convicted?

Please produce a report on your research and advice, in the usual format.

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