change to operational issues in tesco

Tesco is considered as the second largest retailer in UK and they use several method to make sure their security.. There policies that Apple implements for its security purpose, an example: employees working for Apple are given a chip card which has all the information of the employees when logging into the online server, employees are asked to scan their details. The information is verified that it’s the person logging by smart CCTV facial recognition. The firm has a CCTV hub which deals with security and verification methods it also has 24hours surveillance. Employees are asked to sign a declaration not to lose the card or to give anyone the card to use if given the employee can be taken to court for fraud or be fired from the job. As a company that deals with computers, mobile phones and tablets security is not a new problem for the company.

A way the company keeps the level of information fraudulent low within the company is policies that govern how information is controlled within the company. This declares all employees have rights to access information that is only for intended for them, the company deals with this by restriction. The chip card as mentioned about has all the details of the employees, these details include name, age, when started working etc. The card has also has the job post of the employees, when scanned the computer detects who the employee is and what rights to information can they access. Example to be more clearly in my explanation a financial manager in a firm has the ability to access the financial records of the firm. If an employee tries to access this information they will be denied, because they are not specified to access the information.

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