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Inflammation is the hallmark of an active immune response. Explain how inflammation is triggered by both innate and adaptive immune mechanisms. Are the inflammatory cells the same for both methods of activation? Why does inflammation subside as an infection is controlled?

Topics can be selected in three ways: One is where your professor assigns you one. Two is where you are given a list of topics to choose one from, and three is where you get to select one independently. With a broader focus, picking your topic can prove to be difficult. Your case study can be beneficial for any future research that you conduct. It is imperative that you nail your topic as it is what dictates the course of your case study assignment


A case study is an analysis of people, groups, issues, organizations or events, and an explanation of different complexities surrounding them. To solve these problems and complexities, a case study should possess a recommendation that is supported by evidence. Case study assignments call for students to identify issues in a given scenario and make decisions based on theory and developing knowledge. Case studies are vital since they build your analytical skills, research skills, and communication skills. A crucial step in case study writing is topic selection, a long and arduous effort that involves a lot of research—one that students struggle with, leading to anxiety and stress. Luckily, we offer online writing services to help you with your case study assignment.

Before embarking on your case study writing journey, you need to be aware of the four broad categories of case study topics:

  • Representative cases study: This is the most common type. Representative case studies involve typical and standard examples of a wider category. They are more illustrative and descriptive in nature. They can be done when the process (that your study is examining) is underway.  
  • Prototypical case study: Whereas representative case studies focus on present scenarios, prototypical case studies focus on anticipatory ones. These studies give answers to questions that are centered on the future.
  • Deviant case study: These are case studies that focus on uncommon, extraordinary, or strange things, facts, and events.
  • Archetypical cases study: These topics tend to be representative and comparative.  

Topics can be selected in three ways: One is where your professor assigns you one. Two is where you are given a list of topics to choose one from, and three is where you get to select one independently. With a broader focus, picking your topic can prove to be difficult. Your case study can be beneficial for any future research that you conduct. It is imperative that you nail your topic as it is what dictates the course of your case study assignment.

“To solve these problems and complexities, a case study should possess a recommendation that is supported by evidence. Case study assignments call for students to identify issues in a given scenario and make decisions based on theory and developing knowledge. Case studies are vital since they build your analytical skills, research skills, and communication skills”

We are going to highlight some useful tips on how to select a case study topic.

  1. Talk to your instructor: 

A common mistake that students make is not talking to their instructor. Your instructor is a professional in your field, and he/she knows what a good case study topic is or entails. Therefore, consult your instructor, ask them questions, and keenly follow their advice. You can also consult with your colleagues on some of the topics they have selected.

  1. Research

By scouring through books, journals, magazines, newspaper articles, and the internet, you may come across a topic of interest. Visit your school library and seek the librarian’s help. Another good place to look is in your notes and the materials your instructor has shared. Your instructor may have shared or mentioned something that you can use as a topic. Even though researching something new is interesting, looking for a topic you already know is advisable. This is because it will help save time in the research process and the case study writing stage. Also, choose an easily researchable topic, one whose information and data you can easily access.

  1. Borrow from your interests

With a pen and paper, write down your interests and associated ideas and thoughts. You can then transform them into topic ideas, which you can then narrow down through more research. Changing your mindset from viewing case study topic selection as burdensome to adventurous is helpful. You can also talk to your relatives, parents about their views on various pertinent issues. This can inform your topic selection.

  1. Seek academic writing help

If you have exhausted all these options and you cannot find a case study topic, it is time you consulted an online writing serviceThis writing service will select a topic and write you a quality and remarkable case study

  1. Borrow from your past work

You can borrow from your own past essays. Look back at some of the essays you have written and ask yourself if you would like to explore them further and transform them into a remarkable case study.

Below are several examples of case study topics:

Nursing Case Study Topics

  1. Why you need to temper your body.
  2. Chewing gum: for or against.
  3. Study of glucose content in various juices.
  4. Proper nutrition as the basis for a healthy life for the young generation.

Management Case Study Topics

  1. Analysis of the human resources of the enterprise and increase the efficiency of its use.
  2. Analysis of compliance with the goals and objectives of the organization and its staff.
  3. Methods of building personnel management systems.
  4. Organization of innovative changes in the personnel management system

Psychology Case Study Topics

  1. How human behavior is affected by psychology.
  2. What are the measures taken by experts to determine autism during development?
  3. What is the psychology of autistic children for their un-social behavior?
  4. How does Electra and Oedipus complex develop during the cognitive stages?

Educational Case Study Topics

  1. Challenges that higher education facing in Europe.
  2. Why higher Education is not affordable in some countries?
  3. How education gets suppressed under political interference.
  4. Which are the major countries of world having negative involvement of authorities on education?

Business Case Study Topics

  1. Quality difference in the Production of Samsung and Nokia
  2. Measures that business organizations take for manufacturing of products.
  3. Strategies followed by top Business firms for their flourishing
  4. How is online marketing gearing up the business of the textiles industry?

Marketing Case Study Topics

  1. Review of the effectiveness of the advertising campaign (activities in various areas).
  2. Assessment of the state of the competitive environment of the market (in multiple areas).
  3. Study of the attitude of individual consumers to the firm.
  4. Research of the market of free funds of the population.

Environmental Science Case Study Topics

  1. Heavy metals in school grounds
  2. Study of the effect of road transport emissions on the linear growth of pine
  3. Study of the ecological environment of the dwelling
  4. Impact of emissions from road transport on the vegetation

Applied Physics Case Study Topics

  1. Stellar flares, stellar coronal activity, and stellar wind.
  2. Nanophotonics and quantum optics of nanostructures.
  3. Ultrafast processes and laser-plasma.
  4. Features of the emission of lightning discharge radiation into the ionosphere near the equator.

Economics Case Study Topics

  1. Anatomy of financial bubbles.
  2. Financial pyramids in world history.
  3. The relationship between economics and law: the experience of world history.
  4. Integration processes in the latest world economic history


Education Case Study Topics

  1. STEM education.
  2. How the sequence of school subjects in homework affects the quality of work.
  3. Innovative quality assurance of the educational activity of the university.
  4. The problem of systematizing the scientific terminology of pedagogy.

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Our most searched dissertation topics are


Medicine Dissertation Topics

  1. How does medicine work on our body to cure diseases?
  2. How there has been a change in medicine over the period of time with the coming of biotechnology.
  3. Is it advisable to take antibiotics during the infection of microbes in the human body?
  4. What is the effect of medicinal drugs on the body if consumed for a long time?

Nursing Dissertation Topics

  1. Why Farmers are Resistant to Skin Cancer even after Prolonged Exposure to Sunlight
  2. Effect of Smog on Health if Exposed for a Long Time
  3. Is Sudden Weight Loss Always Associated with Cancer
  4. Kidney Failure and its Transplantation Process

Psychology Dissertation Topics

  1. How the behavioral psychology of a person is affected by the upbringing stages of life
  2. What are the different types of awkward social behavior of a child that can be related to his poor social development?
  3. How societies impart a major role in social behavior and psychology towards the different things in a child from the very beginning.
  4. Role of social development for the proper psychological growth of a person from his or her childhood.

Law Ideas for Dissertations

  1. How the ‘fight with terror’ has affected criminal laws around the globe
  2. A critical evaluation of the law of omissions liability.
  3. A review of criminal negligence connected with the Corporate Manslaughter and Homicide Act 2007.
  4. Evaluating cases filed in the criminal justice field.

Technology Dissertation Topics

  1. The way full-text databases impact the search engine results
  2. An evaluation of apps created for the improved energy efficiency
  3. Recently discovered approaches to risk management based on a specific software
  4. Recent approaches to exploring the behavior of adware, malware, and different viruses

Sociology Dissertation Topics

  1. Are the old cultural values protected or the new technology is changing the values?
  2. The relationship between education and sociology
  3. How can the aberrant behavior be checked and brought to normal?
  4. The reasons for the increasing gap between the wealthy and poor of the world

Nutrition Dissertation Topics

  1. What should be the proper diet supplement to fulfill all mineral requirements in a human body?
  2. What should be the best protein supplement in nutrition for those who involve in the daily workout?
  3. How to build a muscular body with the help of the best nutritional component.
  4. Which are the highest protein-containing meal and their drawbacks?

Criminology Dissertation Topics

  1. How do forensic experts detect a case with the help of forensic science to reach the criminal?
  2. What are the fundamentals of forensic science that help the criminologist to catch criminals easily?
  3. Explain how biometrics like fingerprints and hair roots on crime help forensic experts reach the criminal?
  4. What is the biggest significance of forensic science to fight criminals and punishing them?

Marketing Dissertation Topics

  1. How to make a brand popular by describing people about its features.
  2. Why digital marketing is superior to conventional methods of marketing.
  3. What should be the quality mark of a branded product as compared to the local one?
  4. Which are the tools of digital marketing that a person must use?

Management Dissertation Topics

  1. A study on the perpetual relationship between overtime and output
  2. Impact of mentoring on career success
  3. Effect of communication during an accretion on employees behavioral outcomes
  4. Factors considered by individuals while picking up an organization to give charity

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A dissertation is a long piece of writing (15,000 – 25,000 words) based on research and data that the student has collected. To graduate from university or college, students have to submit a dissertation. The purpose of dissertation writing is to showcase your understanding of the subject, scholarly mastery and advance your field of study through your research. Your dissertation topic needs to be original and interesting. Original meaning should not be copied from other people’s work – what is known as plagiarism. We have developed a reputation as the go-to dissertation writing service through years of offering coursework writing services to undergraduate and graduate students.

Selecting a dissertation topic is an agonizing process for students. This is because of the uncertainty surrounding such a dissertation. Has it been researched before? Will I get adequate material for my dissertation? Will I be able to collect data? How long will it take to write my dissertation? These are just some of the questions that students grapple with. It does not help that a good topic is the lynchpin of your whole dissertation. Without one, your whole dissertation falls apart. 

With our 10 + years of experience offering professional academic writing serviceswe know where students go wrong with their dissertation topics. Therefore, we are going to share some useful tips on how to choose a good dissertation topic:

  • Research prudently: Research is the backbone of a dissertation. By researching well, you will be able to develop a good topic that is precise, up to date, and unique.
  • Manageability: You should be comfortable with the dissertation topic you choose. A common mistake that students make is choosing a difficult dissertation topic believing it will help them score more marks. Choose a dissertation topic that is reflective of your ability.
  • Be interested in the topic: Your dissertation topic should be something that you are interested in. That way, you will enjoy the research process and the writing process, which takes a long time.
  • Originality: Your dissertation topic should be able to contribute to your field of study. There is no need to conduct a research on a topic that has been exhaustively studied. Find a hole in the existing literature or approach an already existing topic from a new perspective. Consult your tutor if you are not sure about how to go about it.
  • You should be able to collect data: Students make the mistake of picking a topic where it will be a challenge to collect data. When selecting a topic, make sure that your data is obtainable.
  • Precision: You should be as precise as possible with your topic selection. Narrow down your area of interest to avoid ambiguity and vagueness

Critical thinking assignments help

Where to search for potential topics.

Dissertation topics rarely emerge out of the blue; therefore, you have to search for them actively. Here are some of the sources:

  • Your interests: One of the best places to look is within yourself: your interests, passions, and hobbies. These can be a very good place to start in your dissertation writing journey.
  • Your tutor: Seek the advice of your tutor on the topics that may be appropriate for you. He/she should be able to assist you all through the dissertation writing process.
  • Journals: This is a scholarly piece of writing that addresses professional groups such as doctors, psychologists, accountants, etc. You can find relevant and up-to-date topics that your dissertation can be based on by reading the latest journals.
  • Dissertations: By reviewing previous dissertations, you can find some topics of interest, which can then inform your dissertation’s topic.
  • Attending oral dissertation defenses: During these defenses, students and tutors often suggest topics for further research. You may then choose one of these topics as your own.
  • The internet: A tremendous amount of data exists on the internet, and it would be a good place to start.
  • Seminars: Seminars on different fields occur frequently. By attending a seminar on your field of study, you may find a suitable dissertation topic.
  • References in your field:  Many materials exist in your field of study. They include handbooks and bibliographies. You can access them via the internet or the library.


A dissertation’s overwhelming nature leads to students a number of serious mistakes. We know what these mistakes are through years of offering dissertation writing services to undergraduate, graduate, masters and PhD students. We are going to highlight them for you so that you can avoid them.


A dissertation is a final assessment that a student submits before graduation. Dissertation writing is a demanding and grueling process that leads students to the point of quitting. Despite their burdensome nature, dissertations have many benefits to students that include:

  • Contribution to your final grades: A dissertation that is up to the required standards greatly contributes to your final grade. It shows that you have an in-depth understanding of your area of study.
  • Improves your research ability: The dissertation writing process involves reading numerous books, articles, journals, and other materials. This leads to you identifying your area of interest, which will, in turn, give you the enthusiasm to explore it further. What emanates is the improvement of your research skills.
  • Increase your employability: The purpose of a dissertation is to solve a problem and advance a particular field of study. By doing these, you may attract potential employers and increase your employment prospects.

A dissertation’s overwhelming nature leads to students a number of serious mistakes. We know what these mistakes are through years of offering coursework writing services to undergraduate, graduate, masters and PhD students. We are going to highlight them for you so that you can avoid them. They include:

  1. Failure in conducting thorough research

The foundation of any dissertation is an in-depth research. Superficial research and analysis is a sure way to doom your dissertation writing process as well as the final document. By thoroughly researching your topic, you will get more information and resources to write a better and impactful dissertation.

  1. Not communicating with your instructor.

One of the biggest mistakes that students make is this one. Your instructor knows what a good dissertation entails, and he/she knows exactly what he needs to see in your dissertation. You will save a lot of time (in the research and writing process) and achieve better grades when you consult your instructor.

  1. Plagiarism

Plagiarism refers to the act of copying or “stealing” someone else’s thoughts and ideas and presenting them as your own. The consequences of plagiarism are severe, including failure, suspension, or dismissal from the academic program. Universities have sophisticated antiplagiarism engines that check for plagiarized material in dissertations. How do you avoid plagiarism in your dissertation?

  • Paraphrase – Restate the ideas and thoughts in your own words while keeping the same essence.
  • Proper referencing – When you copy-paste content, you should quote it with inverted commas, and the author’s name should be included as well.
  • Citation – When you find relevant information from books, journals, or other sources, you should promptly cite it by including the name, title, page number, and the paragraph number.
  • Use plagiarism checkers – There are many tools that you can use to check for plagiarism in your dissertation.

“Your instructor knows what a good dissertation entails, and he/she knows exactly what he needs to see in your dissertation. You will save a lot of time (in the research and writing process) and achieve better grades when you consult your instructor.”

4. Lack of planning

Waiting until the last minute to start writing your dissertation is a terrible idea. This will lead to a tremendous amount of pressure that will cause you anxiety and stress. It is vital that you plan accordingly, even if it means dedicating two hours per day to your dissertation. Have a timeline for the completion of specific tasks. This will make the whole process easier, and it will help you write a better dissertation.

5. Bad topic selection

Your dissertation topic should be something that you are interested in (and it should be something that arouses your interest for a long time). This is why: If you are not invested in your topic, you will not enjoy the research process (which is arduous and long) and will struggle with the enthusiasm required in the dissertation writing process.

6. Lack of structure

Your dissertation should be correctly structured. A proper dissertation should contain the following: Abstract, Introduction, Literature Review, Research Methodology, Results or Findings, Conclusions, and Final Hypothesis and References and Citation Chapter. Organize your dissertation correctly and use subheadings to show the progression of your thoughts and ideas.

7. Spelling and grammatical mistakes

After writing your dissertation go through it again and again while checking for any errors. You can give it to a colleague or a friend for them to read and edit. You can also pass it along to a professional paper writer for them to refine your work.

8. Jargon and long sentences

Your dissertation will involve a lot of jargon words. Please do not assume that everyone understands them; therefore, explain what they mean. Anyone should be able to understand what your dissertation entails.

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Here are some of our most searched essay topics:

Health Essay Topics

  1. Depression is the biggest cause behind the poor health of the people in a given nation.
  2. Teenagers are more prone to depression as compared to adults.
  3. Stress and anxiety along with poor eating habits are responsible for depression.
  4. What are the different types of arthritis and problems associated with them?

Nursing Essay Topics

  1. Why is it important to have practical knowledge in the field of nursing along with theoretical?
  2. Importance of familiarity with the instruments used in medical science to a Nursing student.
  3. Which types of technology are being used in medical science to treat patients?
  4. How to handle a patient which is nervous and fearful during operation and his heartbeat goes on fluctuating.

Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Is it tolerable for companies to advertise in schools?
  2. Does media create unrealistic expectations of relationships and marriage?
  3. Should news shows talk about celebrities?
  4. Should the death penalty be abolished?

Biology Essay Topics

  1. What are the principles of Biotechnology that are based on Biology?
  2. Cite some examples of Useful research in Biology in recent times.
  3. What are the different types of sea animals that are being used for business?
  4. Explain the flora and fauna in sea life.

Psychology Essay Topics

  1. What are the best ways to use the different theories of psychology to improve the life of mankind?
  2. What are the most important areas of human life which need the help of psychology?
  3. What is the most crucial task that has been done with the help of psychology so far?
  4. How is a psychologist important for managing a peaceful situation during wartime?

Law Essay Topics

  1. What are the significant changes that international conventions are bringing into law?
  2. Enumerate the examples where fundamental rights given to a country’s citizens are clipped by the same nation’s law.
  3. How can we reform the country’s law system towards the masses’ development and welfare?
  4. Is it possible to frame one type of law for the people of every country?

Ethics Essay Topics

  1. Good business ethics sometimes becomes an obstruction in the way of success for businessmen.
  2. Nursing ethics are the most convenient way for doctors to set their dictatorship on the nurses.
  3. It is important to give a good upbringing and cognitive development to students for making them follow the ethics.
  4. Moral values and moral ethics are some of the most significant things that only parents can inculcate in children.

Deductive Essay Topics

  1. Should we give equality in rights to both genders?
  2. Is there a need for men’s empowerment in our society?
  3. What should be done to remove social evils?
  4. How can the law be an obstacle in the way of justice in many cases?

Philosophical Essay Topics

  1. The meaning of words changes with the context for which they are used with the passage of time. Comment.
  2. Emotions can be divided into positive and negative aspects based on our exposure and experience with them
  3. Utopian society exists in dreams only as the meaning of utopia keeps on changing and it is not rigid.
  4. The behavior of a person depends upon cognitive development through his or her life stages.

History Essay Topics

  1. What type of heritage and culture needs to be preserved?
  2. What are some of the significant ideas to revive a heritage or culture?
  3. How does history play a significant role in studying different forms of living?
  4. Some major societies in history give us useful tips to live life happily, comment.

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Without a main idea, it becomes difficult to structure and organize your ideas in a clear and logical manner. Without it, your essay falls apart. This is because you are unable to tell the reader what your essay focuses on. The following are tips to help you come up with a unique essay topic


Undergraduate and graduate students are expected to write numerous essays in the course of their academic lives. Essays are important since they not only sharpen your analytical and communication skills but also your understanding of the subject. Above all they contribute to your final grades. Sometimes, your instructor may not assign you an essay topic and you will be required to choose one for yourself. Most times, students cannot differentiate between a topic and a main idea. A topic refers to the subject, theme, issue or matter of an essay. A topic should be simple. A main idea is largely what the essay is about. It answers specific questions of your selected topics.  The following are tips to help you come up with an essay topic: 

·         Brainstorming: This requires coming up with as many ideas and thoughts as possible while considering each thought’s potential for further development. Just get a notepad and a pen and jot down any thoughts that may come to mind.

·         Research: You can begin with researching your subject and the related general information. You can then start narrowing down according to your topic until you find the one that suits you and the one you have the most interest in. You can google your subject and go through the suggested research results.  You can also find inspiration from other people’s work. This does not mean you plagiarize it. By going through other people’s essays, school-provided essay topics, journals, research papers, and dissertations you can develop your essay’s idea.

·         Use a writing service: If you have entirely no clue what to write, you can use an academic writing service such as ours. This way, you will achieve the grades you desire without having to worry about deadlines.

·         Go through your notes: The notes and materials provided by your tutor contain a lot of information that will come in handy when writing your essay. You can also scour through the mentioned textbooks and provided additional materials.


·         Choose a topic of interest to you: Some topics resonate with you more than others. Although not always possible, look for a topic that connects with your other interests. That way, you will be able to enjoy researching and writing the essay. 

Brainstorming: This requires coming up with as many ideas and thoughts as possible while considering each thought’s potential for further development. Just get a notepad and a pen and jot down any thoughts that may come to mind.”

After gathering information on your topic, the best and easiest way is focusing and framing it as a question. For example, after reading on the impact of social media, you can then focus your interest by asking questions such as:

  • What are the positive effects of social media?
  • What are the negative effects of social media?
  • Are there any laws that regulate the use of social media?
  • If so, are these laws effective?
  • Can social networking sites be misused by its owners?
  • What role does social media play when it comes to freedom of speech?
  • How has social media revolutionized communication?

Without a main idea, it becomes difficult to structure and organize your ideas in a clear and logical manner. Without it, your essay falls apart. This is because you are unable to tell the reader what your essay focuses on. The following are tips to help you come up with a unique main idea:

  • Look for a sentence that will summarize your details in a clear and concise manner.
  • In any text, look for the ideas that appear frequently while looking for a primary concept that the author keeps referring to.
  • A main idea should comprise of your topic and your central point.
  • For those provided with thesis statements in their essays, the main idea is contained therein often in the last sentence of the introductory paragraph.

Create a draft of your course project and submit it as an assignment under Unit 8. You will incorporate feedback from this draft into your revised final course project.

Your paper should consist of the following components:

  • An introduction to your paper in which you provide an overview of what you intend to accomplish in this project.
  • A section for eachof the nursing leadership priorities (2–3) that you are addressing. In each section:
    • List the priority or issue and explain why you chose it.
    • Analyze the issue and explain the various components that you will need to address, such as:
      • How does the structure of your organization contribute to the issues you are addressing?
      • Are there power dynamics that contribute to the issue?
      • What role do multiculturalism and diversity play?
    • Provide an explanation of how you intend to address this priority, including:
      • What things did you need to consider as you put your plan of action together?
      • How did the structure of your organization influence your decisions?
      • What leadership skills will be most important to you as you address your priorities?
      • How do multiculturalism and diversity within your organization impact your plan?
      • How do theories and practices of power come into play when determining and implementing solutions?
    • Support your action plan with references to the literature that address the applicable theories, resources, and tools that guided you to this particular solution.
  • A section in which you outline either:
    • Your performance evaluation plan for determining how well you implemented your priorities.
    • Your development plan for how you will develop the skills needed to implement your priorities. This section serves as a personal leadership plan and career programming tool for self-assessment, for developmental purposes or prior to performance evaluations. The goal is to align oneself within the organization, assess organizational fit and desired career path(s), and identify competency gaps to reach personal and professional leadership goals.
  • A summary of what you have learned in the process of doing this project.

Use appropriate headings and subheadings as developed within your content outline to demonstrate logic, flow of ideas, and organization. It is helpful to add your sources into the document in the appropriate format while you are in this stage. Refer to the Capella Writing Center for resources.


I don’t understand this Business question and need help to study.

We have to go to this article and use as guideline… I will create a team charter, I was assigned from my team to do the Team Member Assessment part. Talk in general nothing specific – each team member must compile and attach a 100 word reflection that identifies one strength and one issue regarding team dynamics that he/she has shared with the team and why they are important to help the team function more.

Chicago format All written assignments must be typed and doubled spaced. Use 11 or 12-point Ariel and 1-inch margins. SPELL CHECK. Proofread. Avoid using slang and jargon. Content must address all instructions and answer all questions in each assignment’s directions. Explain your logic and state your conclusions.

I’m trying to learn for my Marketing class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

Note: The company that the group is working on is Facebook. My part in the project is to find the value of Facebook.


Discuss the company’s value. What does the company identify as their value, and based on your opinion what is their value? Is it the products and services, the customer service, celebrity spokespersons, advertising endorsers etc. Elaborate.

Demonstrate that you have conducted legit research. Remember, facts stated in this section must be supported with citations. Follow APA guidelines!

One paragraph is enough.