QUESTION: Choose a criminal case or trial in Australian history that attracted a lot of attention when

it occurred. ( THE CASE IS: Case: William Willshire, policeman responsible for murdering Aboriginal

people, 1880s­90s )… What does it tell us about attitudes to crime in Australia, and Australian society

more generally, in its day?

­Make sure to talk about key issues like fear and frontier ? or find other arguments that can relate and

make sure to Substantiate with evidence….

­Would the case have been different if it wasn’t involved with aboriginal people?? Things to think

about and add into argument with the case and scholarly research.

­Make sure to conduct primary resources as well as secondary readings and come up with an

argument that is driven by engagement with my primary research….


­ makes a persuasive and nuanced argument on the basis of a critical evaluation of evidence

­engages with values assumptions and contested meanings into primary source/ secondary.

­moves beyond an understanding of the facts and events to an analysis of the implications of the

arguments at work.

­ Please arrange bibliography into two sections

one entitled “Primary sources” & the other “Secondary sources”

­ Please add these References into bibliography…. & make sure to have other scholarly articles

properly referenced and footnoted.

1. Mulvaney, D. J., ‘Willshire, William Henry (1852–1925)’, Australian Dictionary of Biography,­william­henry­9128/text16101, published first in

hardcopy 1990

2. Willshire, William Henry 1888, The Aborigines of Central Australia : with a vocabulary of the dialect

of the Alice Springs natives, [publisher not identified], [Place of publication not identified]

3. Nettelbeck, A., & Foster, R., In the Name of the Law: William Willshire and the Policing of the

Australian Frontier (Adelaide: Wakefield Press, 2007).


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