Case Study : Plaza Home Health Services Essay

Plaza Home Health Services company founded, rather hurriedly, by Nancy Edwards and Jennifer Moore and thus are the current co-owners. Nancy and Jennifer had seen an opportunity to capitalize on the growing demand for home health services in the marketplace. They had previously been employed as staff nurses at a medical facility in Georgetown, a city of 45,857 located in the West, North Centra region of the United States. They did an initial informal assessment of the market surrounding healthcare services, Nancy and Jeniffer decided to fast track its development and rollout, driven by their unrestrained enthusiasm for their proposed endeavor. Today, Plaza Home health Services is a front-runner in delivering health care services. In marketing, customer satisfaction is a vital element. In health care, patients’ perceptions of the quality of the healthcare they received are vastly dependent on the value of their interactions with their healthcare clinician and team (Wanzer, Booth-Butterfield, & Gruber, 2004). Customer loyalty emanates from improved service quality, and it is important if a firm is to achieve economies of scale. Marketing communication, identity and brand position in an industry For industries, communication of activities to existing and potential clients is its products and hence generating demand for products. There is a wealth of study data that supports the benefits of effective communication and health outcomes for patients and health care teams. Partaking

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