Capstone-thoughts about project

equired Textbooks
American Nurses Association. (2009). Scope and standards for nurse administrators.
Washington, DC: American Nurses Publishing.

Harris, J.L., Roussel, L., Walters, S.E., Dearman, C. (2011). Project planning and management:

A guide for CNLs, DNPs, and nurse executives. Subury, MA: Jones and Bartlett.
Refer to all texts and resources used in the graduate nursing program to include core and specialty courses.

Upon completion of this 2 week period, the student will have developed a preliminary residency project plan. (Capstone project).

Meets course objectives # 2 Analze health care management situations from theoretical and research perspectives and #3 Utilize the steps of management process to analyze management situations
ANA Standards of Practice for Nursing Administration pgs. 2-23
Harris et al. Ch. 3 and 4
1. Identify a site and prospective Nurse Manager or Administrator Mentor for the major project. See syllabus and assignment guidelines for guidance.

2. Begin consulting with your mentor to identify a management or systems level issue that you can address in this residency.

3. Identify the potential team members that will be involved in, or affected by, your project.

4. Post your initial thoughts about what your project will be, who will be involved, and any potential barriers you may encounter. on the Residency Project Initial thoughts discussion

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