canada as a middle power

Canada was established as Middle Power Country at the end of the Second World War. This status establishes the fact that they are a “nation which is recognized on an international scale with a large influence globally, however they do not have dominance over any one area” (Pagtakhan, personal communication, March 12, 2013). This status was achieved primarily because of their international fiscal aid and technological advancements. Canada, however it was incapable of reaching the status of a superpower due to their relations in the international arena with China and Cuba. As a middle power nation, Canada assisted many foreign economies through finanacial aid. Canada weas a member of both the commonwealth and la Francophie.

These are groups consisting of many countires, some that are a lot less industrialized but both are a forum to disccuss economic hardships faceing poor countires. The commonwealth countries containing canada, put the Columbo Plan into action in the middle of the 20th century. This is a local group which expreses the need for inter-govermental cooperations to strengthen the economic and social expansion of the participating countries in the asia-pacific region. The chief focus is of the organization is on the human resources development.

Canasda contirbulated in particular theouih inviting exv=change students to study in canda and to send trained professionals to give technical assistance overseasds. Moreover Prime Minister Trudeau established the Canadaian International Development Agency (CIDA) in 1968 to assist in foreign aid programs. This directed and distributed the monetary aid to the countries in need. CIDA administers the aid through United Nations groups and Non Govermental Organizations.These contributions were a large factor for Canada in attaining their prestige as a middle power.

Canada Not only supports the economies of external countries but supported their own through major technological breakthroughs. Towns throughout Canada began to industrialize after the second world war and many megaprojects were launched during this time of economic boom.A natural gas pipeline going across the Canadian Sheild was completed at the end of the 50’s. This was an essential as the population grew and energy shortages were becoming plenty. Additionally Canada created a deuterium urniam reactor which utalizedheavy water in a pressurized capacity.The CANDU reactor has been marketed around the world in Asian and south America.

Another grand inirtitaive that established CanadaS GREATNESS was The create of Alouette 1, Candas first Satellite, not to mention, the first contructed by a country other than the US or the USSR. This is a massive acheivemnt in asserting Canada as one of the foremost counties. One of Canadas biggest Capital Investments was the contruction of the ST. lAWrence Seaway. This enabled ships to travel from the atlaanctic to Lake superior through traversting through a stystem of lovcks. This was builtin cooperation wih the US which established its ties with the Great power. Contributed totheir GNP

In conjunction with international fuunding, Canadas internal technolofical advancements contributed to its accomplishment of middle power status..

Canada was unable to reach the great power status for there were a couple impeding situations and their preservation of freign policies .First of all there was tension between the United States and Canada during the Missle Crises. Canda refused to put their NORAD forces on alert and assis the United States in any ay with their Cuban Embargo and military advances. Eventually DiefenbKER put troo[s on alert but the relation was already damaged. Moreover Canada asserted its independence by recognized China as a communist government. Their acceptance proved that they did not have to follow the united states or great Britain but rather can have their own ideas.The fact that

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