You are required to discuss the relationship between marketing and operations for a named business

organisation. The choice of organisation is yours, but it should be one where you have used its

product/service. Your product/service should be different to the one chosen for the original M&O

group work. Examples of relevant types of product/service are listed below:­

? A particular type of mobile phone

? A particular type of car

? A particular type of laptop/tablet

? A train service

? A supermarket

? An on­line retailer

? An insurance company

? A restaurant or leisure outlet or chain

Unit Learning Outcomes Assessed.

1. Demonstrate practical knowledge of marketing principles and basic operations


2. Evaluate the applicability of marketing and operations techniques to particular realworld


3. Identify the links and planning processes that enable the coordination of the marketing

and operations functions.

Faculty of Business and Law

Assignment Details and Instructions.

The target size for the report is 2,500 words and would typically have the following headings:­

? ?

Summary ­ A summary of the content of the report.

Introduction ­ A brief general overview of the organisation. This should include an InputTransformation­Output


Marketing Analysis ­ An overview and analysis of the key issues the marketing function needs to focus

upon within the organisation. This should be supported by relevant marketing theory and incorporate

the following:

o An overview of the current position of the organisation with respect to marketing.

o An analysis of the marketing issues the organisation currently faces, presented as a

PEST and SWOT in the form of a table

o A further discussion of the opportunities and/or future threats the organisation

faces, utilising relevant marketing theory such as ONE of either the BCG Matrix, the product life cycle

or Porters 5 forces.

Operations Analysis ­ A discussion of key theory that is particularly relevant in meeting the needs of

customers in the organisation (and thus should follow­on naturally from the previous heading). To

allow the analysis to be in­depth, it is recommended a small number of topic areas are identified

(ideally one). Valid topic areas are:­

o Quality Management

o Forecasting/Capacity Planning o Inventory management

o Just­in­time and Lean Thinking o Scheduling and/or Sequencing

Marketing and Operations Comparison – Based upon your experience, you should critically evaluate

(from your perspective as a customer/user) how well customer requirements are met. This section

should be supported by a polar diagram of the five performance objectives of an operation. This

diagram should be based on your personal experiences and expectations of the chosen

product/service (so a survey is not required).




The headings above are not prescriptive, but are provided as a guide. It is perfectly permissible (and

in most cases, advisable) to also include sub­headings.

You are expected to support your report with suitable published material that should be referenced

using the Harvard style to support the assignment.

This assignment can be marked by any of the tutors. Advice Based on Previous Submissions

? Some students chose an organisation where it is very difficult to identify areas of operations theory.

For example, one student chose the internet company Spotify, but then found it difficult to identify

relevant theory to discuss. It is tempting to base the choice of the organisation solely on what is

interesting to you, but it is essential to consider the practicality of actually writing the report before

starting work.

focus on the five recommended topics (ideally one of them). 

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