*Please select an Australian Company* This task requires you to write a review of a public domain

business considering the issues covered across the course


This task requires you to write a report on a public domain business addressing the issues covered

across the course. Choose at least two elements covered in the course, such as Supply Chain

Management, Human Resource Management, Marketing, Philanthropy, Community Engagement etc

that are relevant to the business.

You must demonstrate your understanding of the chosen concepts, and how they apply to the

business in question. This could be a business you are directly connected with, for example as an

employee, or as a shareholder or it could be a company that you just have an interest in. You should

ensure you have access to information about the business, such as through it’s website and media

exposure. In your response, you should also consider and recommend how the business could

improve it’s approach, or if you believe this is not necessary, explain why.


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