Proofread, grade the work (with reasons for the grade given), and provide feedback/suggestions for improvements.

Ideally, give a grade prior to proofreading, and one after proofreading with a further indication of what grade could be achieved if the feedback is implemented well.

General feedback is to be given in the marking form and more specific suggestions and comments to be given on the work using comment balloons.

Critically discuss how a new technology impacts the equilibrium in product markets. Also elaborate on the potential implications of this technology on the economy as a whole. 
In your answer you should provide an introduction to the key issues, defining the terms of the question. Then using a concise approach set out your answer to each part in turn before formally concluding at the end. Your answer needs to: 
– demonstrate sound knowledge of microeconomics and macroeconomics 
– make use of relevant examples 
– make use of the financial press. (e.g. the 3d printing revolution Harvard Business Review piece discussed in Unit 4, or the many Financial Times examples) and academic literature 
– show an ability to evaluate concepts and their appropriateness to applications

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