Learning Portfolio

The purpose of writing a Learning Portfolio is to help you develop as an independent learner. It aims to assess you as a reflective learner, for your effort in thinking around subjects and for evidence of your reading and critical thinking. Therefore, it will directly help your self-development. The Learning Portfolio will also provide evidence of your progress and on-going performance throughout terms 1 and 2.

The assessment criteria are based on the module learning outcomes:

To be included in your Learning portfolio:

1) A critical overview of the theories and model taught in the module related to your own personal management and leadership skills

2) A written record of your personal and academic development over the two terms.

3) A critical reflection and evaluation of your learning experiences during the module lectures and workshops

4) A completed skills audit of your own personal skills and attributes related to working in a professional environment as a team member and a manager


5) A reflection of your own values, strengths and weaknesses relating to your own self development needs and communication skills

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