bullying turns deadly

In the article When Bullying Turns Deadly: Can it Be Stopped, by Time Magazine, author John Cloud writes how bullying has gone from kids calling each other names on the play ground or on the way home from school, to using cell phones and computers to harass, intimidate and humiliate each other to the point of suicide. Today this is known as cyberbullying and it is very big problem for not only teens ,but adults also. The trouble is,the technology of bullying has progressed much faster than anyone could have thought of.

People can post their worst thoughts in a heated moment, and the damage is done. John Cloud is a staff writer for Time Magazine, were he has worked since 1997. Before coming to Time he was a senior writer at Washington City Paper. In this article, John Cloud speaks of four young adults that were harassed and intimidated to the point where they took their own lives. Thats the case of Tyler Clementi, his roommate had secretly recorded a video of Clementi kissing a guy; the video went up on You Tube. Tyler Clementi threw himself from the George Washington Bridge in New York City.

On Facebook, Clementi offered a final status update: “ jumping off the gw bridge sorry” (Cloud, 2010). Clementi was a young man who didn’t deserve to treated this way. His roommate was uncomfortable with people who were openly gay, but Clementi wasn’t. According to researchers, “schools have a hard time measuring how common bullying is because there’s no single definition. ” If you hear a schoolyard taunt that you know how to brush off, were you bullied or just annoyed? Does it have to be repeated behavior to count as bullying or can it happen just once?

Is bullying only verbal, or does there have to be a physical act. According to Cloud. “ none of this is clear to those who study and make laws to prevent bullying” (Cloud, 2010). Some kids and even adults have a hard time with innocent teasing. If their feelings are hurt , they think they are being singled out and might consider this as some type of bullying when it’s not. When a person sets out to hurt someone emotional or physically day after day because they don’t like the way they look, act, or talk then this is considered bullying. Cloud says, “ all four of September’s bullying- related

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