Building your Arguement

Module 5 Discussion – Building Your Argument & Providing Feedback to Others

Building your Argument (50 points)

In this post, you begin structuring your argument.  Chapters 7-10  of the Craft of Research (textbook provide )an excellent framework and offer solid examples for how to build a strong case including strategic language you may use as well as evaluative criteria you may apply to ensure you have made a robust argument. Please use the recommendations and examples as you complete your post.  Crafting your argument takes a lot of brain work, so please give yourself time to think and process each of the components below.  Also, I want to emphasize that this is a process… as you formulate your claim, reasons, or evidence you may find that you need to strengthen different elements.  That’s OK. The process will allow you to end up with a well developed research paper.

Here are the specifics of your post.  Please answer questions 1 through 6 below.  Make sure to number each of your responses so we can all easily hone in on each part. 🙂

  1. State your claim and identify which one of the 5 types of claims it is.  (5 points)
  2. Offer at least 5 reasons your claim  is plausible. (10 pts)
  3. Following each reason, offer a bulleted list of the supporting evidence you plan to use. This list does not need to be detailed, but you should indicate the source(s) (in general terms such as peer reviewed publication, statistics from credible organization, expert in the subject, published textbook, etc.) you plan to use as your evidence (10 pts)
  4. Offer a general evaluation of your evidence using the criteria in Chapter 9.  Comment on its accuracy, precision, whether its sufficient and representative, and if your sources carry authority.  I would also comment on whether your sources varied enough between types of sources (journal articles, reputable organizations, expert reports, etc.) (10 pts)
  5. Questions, Objections, Alternatives: List at least 5 potential questions or objections you anticipate your readers might have or alternatives to your claim followed by a brief explanation of which you plan to acknowledge. (10 pts)
  6. Provide a final evaluation of your argument its strengths as well as any areas you believe need improvement. (5 pts)

My claim

Claim 1: Universal Pre-k would benefit all children and set a foundation  for success  through  academics, the Arts  and Technology. 

*Should pre k be required for all children? 

* What are the drawbacks of attending Pre-K ?                                                   

*Regulated by state or federal government?                                           

*Is Pre-K  beneficial to academic success?                                                     

*  Which is curriculum  is better, play- based or academic?                                     

* What types of professionals take part in the development  of Pre-K?               

*Should citizenship be a requirement  for enrollment?

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