Thе purposе of thіs аssignment is to study people’s behaviour towards budgeting for contract staff, using an department in an organisation as a case study.What budgeting method they use etc.Havard Style referencing.Academic structure writing,including intro,lit review,conclusion etc.

Brief :

The requirement is that you identify an issue in the broad area of accounting and finance from your organisation, which has implications for the organisation as a whole. During the programme you will have been introduced to the two major elements of accounting and finance:

I. Financial accounting – examining financial data and structures for mainly an external audience

II. II. Management accounting – examining data, structures, processes and decision making for mainly internal users

Accounting and finance is usually split into these areas although, as you will hopefully have gathered from the module, this division is essentially artificial. Both these areas are heavily interlinked and it is rare that a financial issue or its solution will affect one area only.

You should identify a real business issue, topic or problem, which is facing your organisation in the accounting and finance area. (In this case budgeting)
Problems which appear to be related solely to one area, very seldom are. As an example of this, asset valuation would appear to be a financial accounting problem, but it will affect divisional profits/losses and therefore divisional performance and may cause performance indicator issues thus becoming a management accounting issue. It will also affect reported results for the business as a whole and hence become an issue in finance, particularly if there is share price reaction because of it.

The issue or topic should be identified, analysed and reported on in the context of its implications for and impact upon the major areas we have considered during the course, but

you should also attempt to think and analyse more broadly to seek out and reflect upon the implications of your topic in the other financial areas of the business.

Furthermore, although accounting and finance is not entirely a quantitative discipline, quantitative values play a large part in the working through of accounting and finance issues and it is essential that you include numerical or quantitative aspects as part of your analysis.

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