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Money and Banking II


Due: Friday, July 3 by 11:59pm on Sakai in Dropbox.

Your assignment is to analyze the assignment article using the economic concepts and theories covered in ECON 3P04.

You may use any style you prefer, such as MLA, APA, etc. You can use other resources in your answer, but they must be cited properly. Your assignment should be 1000 words.

Course Outline:

Part I:Central Banks and the Conduct of Monetary Policy

  • Structure of Central Banks
  • Multiple Deposit Creation and the Money Supply Process
  • Determinants of the Money Supply
  • Tools of Monetary Policy
  • Conduct of Monetary Policy
  • The International Financial System

Part II:Monetary Theory

  • The Demand of Money
  • Monetary and Fiscal Policy in the IS-LM Model
  • Aggregate Demand and Supply Analysis
  • Money and Inflation
  • The Theory of Rational Expectations and Efficient Capital Markets


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