Brand Audit Presentation

Assignment Content



Refer back to the brand chosen for the Wk 1 assignment.


Conduct a brand audit for the brand using the Rolex Brand Audit as a guide from Ch. 8 of Strategic Brand Management.


Note: Access the Ch. 8 reading via this week’s Learning Activities folder.


Create a 10- to 18-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation, with speaker notes, to deliver your brand audit.


Include the following:

o   Background

o   Brand inventory

o   Brand exploratory

o   Strategic recommendations

o   Tactical recommendations

o   Student develops his or her own original recommendations based upon the analysis of the audit components. This is much more than only a historical review.


Cite all sources according to APA formatting guidelines. A minimum of three correctly sited APA references along with an APA reference list are required for this assignment.


Submit your assignment.

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