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Step 1: BHP Group Limited (NYS:BHP)- Company

Step 2: Course Materials and Research

  • You are required to research information about the focal company and the internal environment for this project, You are accountable for using the course materials to support the ideas, reasoning and conclusions made. Course materials use goes beyond defining terms but is used to explain the ‘why and how’ of a situation. Using one or two in-text citations from the course materials and then relying on Internet source material will not earn many points on the assignment. A variety of source material is expected and what is presented must be relevant and applicable to the topic being discussed. Avoid merely making statements but close the loop of the discussion by explaining how something happens or why something happens, which focuses on importance and impact. In closing the loop, you will demonstrate the ability to think clearly and rationally showing an understanding of the logical connections between the ideas presented from the research, the course material and the question(s) being asked.
  • Note:Your report is based on the results of the research performed and not on any prepared documentation. What this means is that you will research and draw your own conclusions that are supported by the research and the course material rather than the use any source material that puts together any of the tools or techniques whether from the Internet, for-pay websites or any pre-prepared document, video or source material. A zero will be earned for not doing your own analysis.
  • Success: The analysis is based on research and not opinion. You are not making recommendations and you will not attempt to position the focal company in a better or worse light than other companies within the industry merely because you are completing an analysis on this particular company. The analysis must be based on factual information. Any conclusions drawn have to be based on factual information rather than leaps of faith. To ensure success, as stated above, you are expected to use the course materials and research on the focal company’s global industry and the focal company. Opinion does not earn credit nor does using external sources when course materials can be used. It is necessary to provide explanations (the why and how) rather than making statements. Avoid stringing one citation after another as doing so does not show detailed explanations. Remember also that all citations in this course require a page or paragraph number. See the checklist in Step 5 below for what to include in the citations for this course’s ebook and videos.

Library Resources

On the main navigation bar in the classroom select, Resources and then select Library. Select Databases by Title (A – Z). Select M from the alphabet list, and then select Mergent Online. You may also use the focal company’s Annual Report or 10K report. You are not depending on any one resource to complete the analysis. It is impossible to complete any of these strategic analyses with only course materials. (See Dr. Kathy’s Notes for Week Two for how to cite and reference information from Mergent, as well as how to cite and reference information from a company’s Annual Report).

You should not be using obscure articles, GlassDoor, or Chron or similar articles.

Research for Financial Analysis: Financial Research

Research for Industry Analysis. Note that your focal company may or may not be found on this link, but your focal company’s industry is. See Dr. Kathy’s Notes for Week Two for which Industry you should be analyzing. CSI Market

UMGC library is available for providing resources and services. Seek library support for excellence in your academic pursuit.

Library Support

Extensive library resources and services are available online, 24 hours a day, seven days a week at https://www.umgc.edu/library/index.cfm to support you in your studies. The UMGC Library provides research assistance in creating search strategies, selecting relevant databases, and evaluating and citing resources in a variety of formats via its Ask a Librarian service at https://www.umgc.edu/library/libask/index.cfm.

Scholarly Research in OneSearch is allowed.

To search for only scholarly resources, you are expected to place a check mark in the space for “Scholarly journals only” before clicking search.

The Tables and Analyses provided for this project must be your own. Using Tables or Analyses that are already developed and available on the Internet will result in a zero. Remember all Projects are submitted to Turnitin.

Step 3: How to Set Up the Report

  • The document has to be written in Word or rtf. No other format is acceptable. No pdf files will be graded. Use 12-point font for a double-spaced report. The final product should be approximately 12 pages in length, but cannot be longer than 15 pages in length, which includes all tables and matrices but excludes the title page and reference page. Do no use an Appendix. Those items identified in the technical analysis should appear under the appropriate heading in the paper. It is important to format the tables/matrices to fit the report and to present the analysis in a clear concise manner.
  • Create a title page with title, your name, the course number, the instructor’s name;
  • You may use this template to complete the project: BMGT 495 Project 3 Template

Step 4: Create the Report – Use the Project 3 Template link (in Step 3) to format your Report. The Report will have the following Headings and Numbers for the following sections. The Headings in your Report should be identical to those listed here and in the Project 3 Template. The order of the sections as they appear in your report should match the order of the sections in the Template. The Headings and Numbers are listed below in Red font for your ease of identification. They should not have Red font in your Report.


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