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Initial Response to Discussion Question: Your initial response to a discussion question should not exceed 100 words. It is not necessary to include references to receive credit for your initial response. However, including references are often helpful for others and can help stimulate discussion so include them for that purpose when your initial response is shaped by one or more references.

DQ 1

  • What protection, if any, can a co-signer insist upon in a loan document to protect his or her stake in the repayment process? Are there other protections available to the co-signer that are not contained in the loan document?
  • DQ2
  • What parameters would you place on the use of the automatic stay provision of the Bankruptcy Code, 11 USC 362, to make it fair to both debtors and creditors?
  • DQ3
  • If you could redraft the federal exemptions in the Bankruptcy Code level, what exemptions for real and personal property would you include on a nationwide basis, taking into account the principles behind the 2005 amendments to the present Bankruptcy Code? What monetary limits would you use?


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