Assignment 3 – Case study analysis
“You are a nursing student working on a busy surgical ward and it is 10.00am. One of your patients, Gerald, is a 68 year old retired barrister who has undergone a laparotomy for acute bowel obstruction. He is first day post-op and his recovery so far has been uneventful; his vital signs have all been within normal limits. This morning, however, his vital signs have altered somewhat; his heart rate has increased to 92bpm, his blood pressure has decreased to 105/70; his temperature is 37.9oC, although he looks a little pale; also he has not passed urine since midnight although he has an IV infusion in situ and is receiving adequate hydration. When you are carrying out his vital sign monitoring, he seems rather confused and disorientated and this is quite marked because you helped Gerald wash himself less than an hour ago and he seemed fine then. He also becomes a little aggressive towards you and tells you to ‘go away’.
You go to tell your preceptor of your findings because you feel a little unhappy with his condition and she asks you to return to Gerald and repeat his observations. En route to Gerald, you are held up by a patient who desperately needs a bedpan, so you organise this and as soon as you have removed the bedpan, the man in the next bed, asks for a urine bottle, so you comply. Then you are called help to turn a patient with another nurse and are then asked to undertake another couple of urgent tasks. Once you have completed these actions, you return to Gerald; about 25 minutes have passed since you first approached your preceptor to express your concerns.
As you approach Gerald, you see that he has thrown off the bed covers and is naked. He has also soiled the bed, removed the dressing from his wound and is smearing faeces across his abdomen and onto his surgical wound. Additionally, he has pulled out his IV cannula and is bleeding from the insertion site. You immediately pull the curtains around him to give him some privacy and return to your preceptor to ask for assistance. She tells you to go and clean him up, while she calls the doctor to come to resite the IV cannula. You return with the items you need to attend to Gerald’s hygiene needs and inform him that you need to give him a wash. However, he aggressively tells you that he does not want a wash and is verbally abusive towards you. How are you going to handle this situation? What are the issues you need to consider? How are you going to address them? What resources are you going to use?”


You will be assessed on your ability to construct a logical piece of work that contains an introduction, the main body of the work and a conclusion. It is important that each of those areas contains appropriate material and is logically connected to other sections of your essay. Use signposts and connectors throughout your essay to ensure logical and smooth flow, as well as assisting your reader to navigate your discussion. Do not assume that you reader knows what you are talking about. If necessary, include clarifying statements to indicate why something is relevant. Your introduction should provide some general background information, a thesis statement and inform the reader of the main content of the essay. As information in an introduction is general in nature, it is typically not referenced. The main body should contain a logical and cohesive development of ideas outlined in the introduction. Your conclusion should provide a summation of the key points of the work. As you are summarising, rather than providing specific information, there are typically no references required in a conclusion. Again, as you are summarising content already presented, there should be no new information presented in a conclusion.
**********Application of critical thinking*****
You will be assessed on your ability to consider the implications of the suggested actions/inactions and the application of theory to practice. You will also be assessed on your ability to support the arguments you put forward with evidence from appropriate literature. There is no minimum or maximum number of references required but as a stage 6 student, you will be expected to read widely and incorporate that reading into your assignment. The more you read, the more evidence you will find to weave into your essay. If you are unsure about literature searching, the librarian will assist you – use her.
Presentation and referencing**********
pleasecomply with the ECU SNM assignment writing guidelines attached.. Follow these specific assignment instructions and use the ECU referencing guide to ensure all intext and end-text references are correct. The referencing guide can be accessed from the Library website via this link:
English language proficiency (ELP)
As with all written assignment work that you undertake at ECU, you will be assessed for ELP within this assignment.

The case study word limit is 3000 (plus or minus 10% as per the School of Nursing & Midwifery Undergraduate Assignment Guidelines),

APA 6th. please write in third person.

The case study Needs to address the following relating to the scenario:

#Ethical issues and dilemmas raised by the scenario. Don’t forget to define words.

#Ethical principles, theories and doctrines related to the scenario.

#Legal issues e.g. consent and torts e.g. tort of trespass. Are there conflicts between the legal and ethical perspectives? Australia compared to USA.

#Professional issues codes, standards that apply: utilising the NATIONAL PRACTICE STANDARDS: Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation Standards and Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA) Professional Codes & Guidelines to practise nursing in Australia

#Did the people work within their scope of practice???

#Consider acts and omissions related to the scenario and the consequences for the nurse related to these.

#Support the above statements with 10-12 references for evidence in APA 6th format as requested. Include intro and conclusion

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