Learning Outcomes:


This assignment addresses learning outcome 1 and 4 for the module and will be assessed on your ability to demonstrate the achievement of these outcomes in relation to the set questions. These learning outcomes are:


1, Demonstrate a clear understanding of the tasks related to the day-to-day functioning of an account executive in an advertising or IMC agency 4, Demonstrate a significant improvement in his or her level of skill in making presentations and in writing relevant documents   




You will take the role of an Account Executive in a major advertising agency which has just been given a brief from one their biggest clients. The client would like your advice on a major new campaign, which is vital to the company’s long-term prosperity 




Fizzy drink tooth rot sets in

by JENNY HOPE, Daily Mail

Carbonated Drinks are the “biggest factor” in causing tooth erosion in children, dentists are warning.

They say drinking any amount increases the risk of long-term damage in a 14year-old by 220 per cent.

Those who drink more than four cans a day are up to 500 per cent more likely to suffer, according to a study published today. It blames the acid in fizzy drinks, which strips the surface enamel of teeth, causing pain, disfigurement and – in extreme cases – eroding teeth to stumps.

The acid is found in standard and diet products.

Researcher Dr Peter Rock said: “This research identifies fizzy drinks as by far the biggest factor in causing dental erosion among teenagers. 

“Some children have already got no surface on their molars. They are storing problems for the rest of their lives including sensitivity, pain and lack of resistance against natural wear.”

Two-thirds have tooth erosion

Almost two-thirds of four to 18-year-olds have suffered some sort of tooth erosion.

Recent figures show that one in five British children consumes nearly ten cans of carbonated drinks a week.

The study – published in the British Dental Journal – questioned 1,000 12-yearolds in Leicestershire and found 76 per cent drank fizzy drinks.

It found drinking just one can of soft drink daily increased their chances of tooth erosion. Those who drank four or more a day increased their risk to 252 per cent.

The researchers revisited the youngsters two years later and found the problem had worsened. 

By 14, drinking any fizzy drinks at all increased their chances of tooth erosion by 220 per cent. Heavy consumption at this age boosted the risk by a massive 500 per cent.

The study found 92 per cent of 14-year-olds regularly drank carbonated drinks. Alarmingly, more than 40 per cent in both age groups drank three or more glasses a day.

Call for vending machine bans

Experts are backing moves to cut sales of fizzy drinks in school vending machines but claim only a big drop in consumption can stem the problem.

Professor Liz Kay, from the British Dental Association, said: “Erosion is a growing problem among Britain’s teenagers, yet many parents don’t understand the difference between it and decay. 

“While drinking diet versions of fizzy drinks reduces sugar consumption, they are very acidic and can still cause erosion.”

Dr Rock, a reader in orthodontics at Birmingham University, said straws should be used to drink pop, which should not be swished around in the mouth.

“Fruit juices are a better bet,” he added. “They are also acidic but they are not in the same league as carbonated drinks.”


Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-299775/Fizzy-drinktooth-rot-sets-in.html#ixzz3iUzGrxTx











‘RolaCola’ is a leading carbonated and soft drinks company in the UK.  In a number of recent government reports fizzy drinks manufacturers along with a number of fast food restaurants selling high sugar drinks have been criticised for selling drinks that a highly calorific that leads to obesity and tooth decay. This is especially worrying as much of the promotion appears to be especially targeted at children, teenagers and young adults. 


As a direct response to this concern ‘RolaCola’ has developed a ranged called ‘SuperLite VitPlus’ which has significantly reduced sugar & additives but has added vitamins and minerals. Intact, just two cans give you all your key vitamins and minerals. The range includes orange, mixed fruit and tropical crush.


The client would like you to present your ideas on how to launch this range and whom it should be launched to.






Write a detailed presentation to last no more than 15 minutes giving your advice to the marketing team at ‘RolaCola’. Your advice must cover key areas such as health concerns, target audiences, positioning and media selection.  Marks will be awarded according to the marking grid and criteria below.


You may either use PowerPoint/ Adobe Presenter/Prezzie 



Please ensure that you speak clearly, interact with the audience and your slides are correctly referenced.      

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