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Assignment OverviewUnit 2 – Individual Project


Deliverable Length:

Excel file

You are working as the software tester for a large school and need to test the exam calculator for students. Your school does not want students to use a physical calculator. The software development team has released a calculator application. You need to ensure that everything is working as expected.

Address the following:

  • Download the calculator executable fileand source code file.
  • Write the functional test cases for the Calculator application. Here is the sample test case document.
  • You need to create the Excel file with the following columns:
    • Test Case ID
    • Test Case Name
    • Test Case Scenario
    • Detailed Test Steps
    • Test Data
    • Expected Results
    • Actual Results After Test Case Execution
  • Create at least 20 test cases in a single Excel file.
  • Execute each of the test cases, and update the actual results in the After Test Case Execution column.
  • Provide an explanation as to whether the school should release this calculator to students.


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