wExcellent attention to formatting specifications wExcellent attention to required referencing convention as per the selected journal specification 10%

Structure, formatting and referencing meets the requirement of the journal,


Provides a thorough description of the research paper being reviewed, including all major elements. Information is well consolidated and succinct 10%

A thorough description on the research paper (methodology, results, discussion)


Sophisticated critique of design that demonstrates an understanding of the criteria for rigour (as per requirements of qualitative or quantitative research) 60%

A balanced critique that demonstrates understanding of the key elements of design and rigour (as per requirements of qualitative or quantitative research)


wCorrect spelling & grammar at all times. wSophisticated use of vocabulary and sentence / paragraph structure. wHighly effective topic & concluding sentences with consistent, clear links to argument 5%

A clear style of formal writing


w Sophisticated discussion in relation to the body of literature on the topic 10%

An ability to discuss in relation to body of literature on the topic


Makes sophisticated comment on applicability to practice 5%

An ability to comment on applicability to clinical practice









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