artichokes heart by suzanne supplee

Rosemary Goode is the main character of this novel. She’s a smart young girl with intelligence and humor. Rosemary Goode knows she’s overweight but everyone else insists on telling her. The popular girls at school make fun of her and that’s been going on since middle school when she wore a green puffy jacket to school and they nicknamed her “Artichoke. ” The New Year resolution brings new challenges for Rosemary as she commits herself to losing the weight. She soon finds out about her mom’s newly discovered cancer diagnosis, which creates an emotional obstacle for Rosie.

Rosemary finds her life changing in more ways than one. Character List •Rosemary Goode: The smart, funny main character of this story who is conflicted with body image and family relationships. •Kyle Cox: Kyle is Rosemary’s crush. He likes Rosie for who she is. •Rose Warren: Rosie’s mom and owner of the Heavenly Hair salon. •Richard: A hairdresser at Heavenly Hair who is openly gay •Kay-kay Reese: Becomes Rosie’s friend. She helps Rosemary become healthy The saying “It’s not what’s in the outside that matters, but what’s in the inside is what matters“.

This saying may be true, but our society has made us believe that the outside matters a lot. I really felt for Rosemary, her frustrations about her weight were touching, and sad. So much is made in today’s world about the ideal body, and the expectations the young girls have are unbelievable. The pressure of being thin and satisfying her family has Rosemary going about the wrong way to lose the pounds. I could understand the healthy aspect of exercising and eating right, so I understand her mom trying to encourage Rosemary to be more active, and watch what she puts in her body.

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