1) list five funding models by the commonwealth government to the Australian health care system?

2). List four major health issues dicing the Australian population?
3). what are the advantages of private health insurance?
4). what are the disadvantages a patient may encounter in the acute public hospitals system? give 5 examples.
5). list five Allied health professionals and their role in the Australian Acute health care system?
6). how is a patient with mental health disorders managed in the acute and community sector?
7). Explain what is primary, secondary and tertiary care?
8). what is your understanding of the each of the following?
A). Australian Red Cross
B). Royal flying doctors service
C). Closing the Gap?
9).list three complementary and alternative health practitioners that may be funded by private health insurance?
10). as an enrolled nurse what is your role and responsibilities in the health care system?
11). As an enrolled nurse what strategies would you apply to maintain standards of care within the contemporary health care environment? provide an example?
12). provide 2 examples of risk or potential risk, which you as an enrolled nurse would refer to an appropriate health professional?

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