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Read the material in the link here and answer the following questions (bring your answers in hard copy to class on Thurs):

Cap Colonial Amerca Conquest, Colonies, and Capitalism Va Charter Mayflower Compact.pdf

1. From the chapter “Conquest, Colonies, and Capitalism,” describe the world economy about the year 1500. After you describe it, how did North America fit in, how was it viewed by Europeans?

2. Then, from the same chapter, describe “conquest” from an economic or business perspective.

3. From the document “The First Charter of Virginia (1606),” what was the Virginia Company’s plan for its new North American settlement? Include a 2-3 sentence quote that represents that plan as you described it.

4. From the document “The Mayflower Compact (1620),” pull examples of its being a joint stock corporation and explain what the joint stock corporation has to do with the later development of capitalist economy in North America?

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