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Use all the Information in word file to do the summary


Write a two page summary of your results from your Three Day Average Nutrient Analysis report as a self-evaluation.

For the Self-Evaluation include the following information:

  • Did you get the recommended amount of all the energy nutrients? Recommended caloric intake for the day? Are each of the energy nutrients in the correct proportions for a healthy intake?What alternations do you need to make in your intake to correct deficiencies or excesses?
    • Carbohydrates
    • Protein
    • Lipids
  • Did you get the recommended amount of each essential vitamin and mineral (list the ones that were in excess and the ones that were deficient, and explain what corrective actions you could follow to change the outcome.No one is able to get 100% of each vitamin and mineral so assume if you got (75%-125% of recommended intake that you are sufficient).
  • Did you get the recommended amount of water and fluid intake?
  • Discuss any current dietary habits that are not healthy and may lead to disease.
  • Discuss any current dietary habits that add to your health and could prevent disease.
  • How would you alter the SMART goals you started week one or two of this course based on this analysis?Moving forward suggest three new goals based on your analysis; list your new goals or you can modify existing goals with this new information.


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