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Case Summary
Summarize the most common causes of employee dissatisfaction, and discuss the options a law enforcement agency or corrections facility has in dealing with employee grievances. Identify the factors that are relevant to a determination of how an employee grievance should be handled.


2. Case Analysis
What are the supervisory or management practices most likely to cause employee dissatisfaction? What effects on the individual officer and on the organization are associated with unresolved employee dissatisfaction? What impact does a supervisor’s attitude about the employee’s grievance have on employee dissatisfaction? How should a supervisor respond to an employee grievance that the supervisor believes is without substantial merit?

3.Executive Decisions
Imagine that you are a first-line supervisor at a police department or corrections facility. You noticed that a veteran officer is hypercritical of new officers, and goes out of his way to make things difficult for them. The veteran officer is not technically violating any policy, so there is no basis for disciplinary action. Should you transfer the veteran officer to an assignment that limits his contact with new officers? What alternatives should you consider other than a transfer?


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