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Answer both questions in essay format. The minimum for each answer is 900 words to be considered of appropriate depth and breadth to be graded. Use citations to defend your answers.

  • The two questions are should be answered in essay form. The minimum word count for each essay is 900 words. However, we are looking for more. Now is the time to go above and beyond!!!!
  • At the beginning of the course, I challenged each of you to use citations to defend your work. The same applies to your essays. We are not only looking for citations, but we are also looking for your reference section to match the citations within your body of work. DO NOT add references to your reference list if you have not properly cited the work of others in your essays.
  • All essays and citations must be in APA format including the Title Page.

1.Describe one concept/principle/lesson learned from this course material (shorts and case studies) that you have applied to your own workplace with respect to the IS environment. How and why did you apply this one thing? How has this course learning helped you be more effective/efficient in your work – either currently or for future implementation?

2.In the chapter topic on Emerging Technologies, we discussed artificial intelligence, blockchain, and the Internet of Things. Discuss how one of these technologies is currently being implemented, considered or might be applied in your industry or workplace. Make certain that you describe why you consider this technology to be one of the three things (for example, why is what you chose actually artificial intelligence, rather than predictive analytics? How does this particular technology or service fall under the umbrella of the Internet of Things?) How might this technology prove to be a disruptive technology? What will be some of the challenges with respect to diffusion of the innovation?


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