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Assignment 3

Answer the following questions in paragraph form in an online text box or as an attached file. Cite references in APA format intext and at the end of the assignment on the reference page. Answer should be at least 500 words.

Describe a workers compensation case in a state of your choice (HOUSTON, TEXAS) (preferably one you wish to work in in the future), that was due to hazards from chemicals and or toxic metals.

  • Explain what happened, where it happened, and why it happened.
  • Who won the case—the company or the employee?
  • If the employee won, how much money was the settlement worth?
  • Brief summary of your thoughts on the situation.

_____ Question 1 – Detailed explanation (10 points)

_____ Question 2 – Detailed explanation (10 points)

_____ Question 3 – Detailed explanation (10 points)

_____ Question 4 – Brief summary of your thoughts (10 points)

_____ APA format (5 Points)

_____ Intext citations and Reference Page (5 points)

_____ Total 50 Points

Points deducted for incorrect spelling or grammatical errors

**Minimum effort will receive a maximum grade of 80%**


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