Analyzing the aggregate strengths and weaknesses

The selected aggregate for this project is the city of Spartanburg in South Carolina. The formation of this city took place in 1785 and is named after a local militia that used to operate during the revolutionary war. The incorporation of the city took place in 1831 and was nicknamed the “Hub City” because it had several railroads that formed wheel hubs. The rationale for selecting this city is that it was named one of USA Today’s least healthy cities in the country. Most of the residents are obese, have suffered a heart attacks, or living in poverty.

MAP-IT is a tool for implementing the Healthy People 2020 in the community. The tool helps to mobilize partners, evaluating the inadequacies of your community, formulating and executing a plan to reach the Healthy People 2020 goals and analyzing the improvement of the population (ODPHP, 2014). I will mobilize health organizations to form a group to improve the health of the people and then assess the specific health needs of the community. The partners will then plan on the most appropriate approach to meet the aggregate’s health needs and implement them according to the identified plan. The last step will be to track whether the implemented plan has met the identified needs and improved the health of the aggregate.

The city of Spartanburg is largely served by Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System (SRHS), which is a not-for-profit health care system with a 588-bed teaching and research hospital and other small hospitals. SRHS meets, supports and advocates evidence-based practice by providing cost-effective and patient-centered care and treatment services (Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System, 2017). SRHS collaborates with other hospitals and medical centers in offering these services and make health services accessible to all city residents.

The city of Spartanburg has a population of 37,375; 16,610 males and 20,631 females. The city has 17,971 housing units for both owner and renter occupied. The median age of the city residents is 37.1 years. The city residents have a median household income of $33,600. The majority of the residents are below the age of 65 years (Esri, 2015).

Population 2015 by age (2015)
0-4 6.9%
5-9 6.2%
10-14 5.5%
15-24 17.1%
25-34 12.1%
35-44 10.6%
45-54 12.2%
55-64 12.6%
64-74 9.0%
75-84 5.0%
85+ 2.8%
18+ 78.1%

Information obtained from the interview of a person familiar to the selected aggregate

I interviewed one of the physicians at the Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System who has worked at the organization for 12 years. According to the medical doctor, the major health problems faced by the residents of the city are those related to the lifestyle choices. The doctor confirmed previous data that few of the residents engage in physical exercises or observe healthy lifestyles. The doctor stated that many of the people are obese, live with high blood pressure, have diabetes, and suffer the risks from heart disease and other related conditions. The interview is of the opinion that these health problems have made many residents in this city have very poor health and he admits that the city ranks among the lowest healthy cities in the country.

The physician stated that the SRHS is working towards solving the problem by offering both preventive and medical care for the residents. The center also educates people of the different ways to improve their lives and healthier lifestyle changes in moderation. The need for a healthy lifestyle is underscored by the fact that many daily lifestyle practices involve considerations of health outcomes (Cockerham, 2005).


Interviewed one of the physicians at Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System

1. How long have you worked at SRHS?

2. What has been your experiences at serving the City of Spartanburg?

3. What are the major health problems facing the residents of the city?

4. How do these health problems affect the lives of the residents?

5. What can be done to solve these problems and what is the SRHS doing towards achieving these solutions?

6. What do you see as the future of the healthy state of the city?

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