I need support with this Political Science question so I can learn better.

Hints: You have only 3 pages, remember. There is no space for every Arab republic. It would be easier to build the paper analytically, according to the four sources of social power:

—military: What enabled so many military coups in the first place? What did the new rulers do to prevent new take-overs? In other words, what is coup-proofing? Why so many spies and Muhabarat agents deployed inside the country (secret services)? Lastly, what role played the Arab-Israeli wars in defeating the project of a socialist United Arab Republic?

—ideological (why did they all preach Arab socialism? Arab unity? Helping the poor?)

—economic: Why the nationalizations of foreign assets such oil and Suez canal? Who benefited from land reforms? What was the aim of protectionist tariffs on foreign goods? Why does this policy later change to Infitah (open doors) and freer market reforms? But who benefitted from market reforms? What is crony capitalism?

—political: Why did these colonels become presidents for life? How did they deal with opposition? What were the problems with succession of power to their children?

Format: You must limit your papers to the usual 3 pages, and therefore you must be clear. Discuss each vector and illustrate it with empirical examples.

—- I basically attached 4 examples of essays that have all the information about the essay. I just basically need you to summarize the main points in these essays and write an essay following the information found in those essays. The essay should be around 1,500 words. you can basically take one of the essays and paraphrase it into a new essay, without it being obvios tht you paraphrased it.


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