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In a 2-3 page report, analyze the case between the FBI and Apple. There is a lot of information on this so you will need to review what you have learned so far in this course as well as perform external research. Here are several links as a starting point:

Your report should address the following sections:

  • Imaging an i0S device – Provide a refresher on how you would handle the imaging of the device and prevent a potential third party from accessing the device (e.g. via Apple iCloud) in order to frustrate your efforts.
  • Accessing a Locked iOS Device – After you have done your research on the case and the challenges the FBI faced please summarize the methods and challenges used in this regard.
  • Challenges of an Encrypted iOS Device – You have learned that Apple does a very good job with its encryption. Can you review your notes as well as the research about this case then summarize known barriers when trying to access encrypted data?
  • Other Methods of Access – Let’s assume you are unable to unlock the access. Are there other methods that you could consider gaining valuable forensic evidence? Do you know what attempts the FEBI tried in this case study? How reliable are these methods and are they admissible in court?
  • Final recommendations – Now that you have researched and analyzed this case, think of how you would have approached this case if you were attempting to unlock the iPhone. Include a step-by-step plan that you would have employed to access the data. Support your plan with academic research that points to its viability. You do not need to test your solution, nor does it need to necessarily be correct as there’s no way to know for sure. However, it must be logical, well-reasoned, and supported by evidence.


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