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Learning Objectives for Assignment

Students will be able to:

  • Analyze sources and identify themes regarding how Iowa State University communicates with a demographic on campus.
  • Understand and describe a demographic present on campus.

Rhetorical Situation of Assignment

  • Genre: Document/worksheet
  • Audience: Primary (your English 302 instructor)
  • Purpose: This assignment will aid your understanding and practice of audience analysis and inform the composition of the messages for A2 through A4: the positive message, the negative message, and the persuasive message. For this assignment you will select an ISU-based audience and utilize research to understand that audience here on campus. You will explore and analyze the communication practices and organizational culture associated with the chosen campus demographic.

Description of Assignment

For this assignment, you are asked to select one of two demographics (group of people) here on the Iowa State campus: students or faculty/staff. This campus demographic will serve as the audience for the positive message, negative message, and persuasive message assignments in this course (A2 through A4). In order to develop strong you-attitude, positive emphasis, and persuasive strategies in those future messages, an analysis of the intended audience is necessary. The goal is to understand the unique communication conventions associated with the demographic and the organizational culture of the campus as a whole.

To begin your understanding and analysis, conduct research to understand the university’s organizational culture and communication practices associated with the demographic in question. Consider company history, social media presence, press releases, university profiles or “about us,” and any other information that might help you understand how this institution communicates with faculty and staff, with students, and with the public. To complete this assignment, use a minimum of three outside sources to support your answers to the questions in the provided worksheet (below).

Process of Assignment

  1. Select and research a demographic or target audience on campus: students or faculty/staff.
  2. Cite a minimum of three credible sources that provide information about the institution’s ethos and communication practices and expectations in relation to the chosen target audience.
  3. Complete the audience profile worksheet.

Questions to Ask for Assignment

  • How does the university communicate with the selected target audience?
  • Why does the university communicate in this manner with the target audience?

Relevant Learning Objectives for Class

  • Identify and define rhetorical contexts and conventions of different written and oral communications appropriate to business communication.
  • Explain how different organizational settings influence the composition of professional documents.
  • Analyze a variety of professional communications specific to organizational settings.
  • Develop strategic approaches to various genres of business communication based on organizational cultures, contexts, and expectations (e.g. memos, emails, proposals, report, executive summaries, etc.)
  • Identify unique communication conventions in your discipline.
  • Identify challenges for successful communication in and across disciplines and organizations.
  • Analyze discipline specific conventions.


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