!!Please make sure you have the book or have read the book!! There is no free online version.

MLA style please.

After reading the book Ordinary Grace by William Kent Krueger,pick one pr more subjects to write an

analysis paper. Can use up to 4 quotes, can be short ones, but not too long. Only one source (the

book), no other sources should be used. Some examples:(don’t need to use all, can just pick couple

of them to focus on) Subjects for analysis of Ordinary Grace: Anger, Discoveries, Family dynamics,

Secrets, Pastoral expectations, Talent and its use, Loss (of futures), Guilt, Darkness/light, Caring,

Fear, Judgement, Native Americans (history, prejudices), Alcohol, Hope, Victory, Miracles, Death,

Dying, War/silence, scars(internal/external), homosexuality, forgiveness, the river, coping, sex, illicit

sex, disabilities, suicide

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