Write a report, utilising a recognised theory of needs, to critically analyse the health needs for a group of clients within a population with a shared physical, behavioural or mental health problem affecting those within Mental Health Practice.

The health need will be schizophrenia – you should use Bristol and Leicester for the geographical locations.

The assignment of 3000 words (plus 300 word abstract) should be written using report style, and will need to consider the following points:
1. Negotiation of the study must ensure confidentiality to all concerned.
2. The specific health problems of the client group must be identified, and use a theory of need to structure the critical analysis of the health needs.
3. Critical analysis should be underpinned by evidence based nursing interventions and management.
4. Factors from a physical, social, psychological, cultural, environmental and socioeconomic perspective should be considered, and how they impact on the needs should be explored.
5. Relevant epidemiological factors should reflect the demographics of the population.
6. The role of the nurse and other service providers in relation to empowering the client group must be identified.
7. The impact of current legislation and partnership working on the overall care provided should be considered

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