An Older Adult Assessment will be conducted on a “mock patient” and will be referred to as a client, 62 years or older for the clinical learning experience ….

An Older Adult Assessment will be conducted on a “mock patient”

A. An Older Adult Assessment will be conducted on a “mock patient” and will be referred to as a client, 62 years or older for the clinical learning experience and a summary of the assessment and medication-pricing analysis will be posted in the Assignments as an attachment.

Your “mock patient” should be a volunteer, such as a friend, neighbour, or relative. The assessment should be conducted in the home of the volunteer “mock patient,” and the safety aspects of the home should be assessed as well. The mock client must state his/her name and age.

•             The assessment of the “mock patient” will be recorded and loaded to YouTube. It is essential to have a laptop computer with a camera or a smartphone for the older adult assessment video recording, as well as having a consent form signed.
•             The Tinetti assessment will be conduct ed along with the basic assessment.
•             Tinetti Assessment Tool – see attached forms on Module C; do not include the Tinetti forms when you upload.
•             Provide an overall impression of the clinet’s rish for falls with the scores as follows:
Balance Score: __________ + Gait Score: ___________= Tinetti Score: _________
•             The Tinetti Assessment tool indicates it should take approximately 10-15 minutes. However, for purposes of this assignment, you will be able to complete this assignment in 10 minutes or less.

B.  Have the client complete the consent form signed/scanned and uploaded in the course. Note: All boxes within the consent form must be in address.

C.  Complete a brief nurse’s note/narrative with summary. The summary includes scores of both tests, the total score, and overall impression of the patient and the home, which will include the safety of the home, medications, locked up, etc. as well as the hypothetical medication pricing. You will also identify 3 specific community resources and 3 discount programs that could help your patient afford the 6 listed medications by creating a written plan in the nurse’s narrative/summary.

D.  Medication Assistance
Consider in the event your client was on a fixed income and has no health or pharmaceutical insurance, no internet access AND can only afford $30 per month for medications. Explore three pricing options in order to provide the most cost-effective option for this client.

The medications this client is on includes:

Metformin 1,000 mg BID (diabetes)
Atorvastatin 20 mg daily (CAD – cholesterol)
Lisinopril-HCTZ 20/12.5 mg daily in the morning (CAD – hypertension)
Calcium 500mg daily
Baby ASA 81 mg every other day

Firstly, Medication Pricing: How much does each medication cost?  Which pharmacy is in or near your community that your client can use?

Secondly, Medication Assistance:

If the cost of a 30 day supply for these medications exceeds the client’s monthly spending limit, who will you refer her to in your community/neighborhood to help pay for these prescriptions?

Further, Is your client on Medicare?

Additionally, If your client does not qualify for drug assistance, what else could you do to assist her in obtaining the medications?

Please indicate the source(s) where you obtained your pricing and create a table format.

Note: This is not your mock client’s real medications or financial information.  Use this scenario above to complete this part of the assignment.

E.  The nursing assessment summary and medication assistance pricing will be require to be upload to Canvas as a word document in addition to the sign ed consent form and link to the video.

Nursing Assessment Summary:

Electronic medical records (EMR) may not always be available in your workplace setting.

You need to continue your nursing narrative charting you learn ed while in school and know how to document in a narrative form in the event the EMR was not available.  You need to include the physical assessment (do not use a table) and be specific to include your findings for each step on the rubric such as LOC, heart and lung sounds, etc. (Please write in the order you performed your assessment). You also need to include the safety of the home and be more specific than no rugs or extension cords noted.  Vague statements such as physical assessment completed or environment is safe is not sufficient.

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