Coursework Overview

This coursework enables you to demonstrate an understanding of the principal tools, concepts and

techniques covered in the lecture topics, and the ability to apply those to a real life example.

This assignment represents 35% of the total marks for this module.

Coursework Requirement

An individual management report analysing how operations management is conceived, supported,

delivered and developed in a chosen organisation.

Your report should address the following:

? the transformation model.

? operation’s performance.

? process design and layout and flow.

Within your report, you should introduce relevant theories and models in the form of a brief literature

review, and consider the following:

? what critical issues or problems emerge in the particular organisation’s context;

? how the organisation is responding to them;

? in what ways the managers or practitioners perceive the issues and responses;

? how we can interpret and evaluate the findings in light of the literature; and

? what we can suggest for improvement.

Your report should be 2,000 words in length.

(excludes executive summary, list of references and appendices)

Submission Date1

: Electronically by midnight on Thursday 1

st June 2017.


Answers need to competently draw on relevant theoretical material from the course textbook and

relevant journal articles.

The report should be approached by applying theory from the course texts and readings to explain


factual events covered in the course slides and the textbook. Answers that rely entirely on repeating

sections of slide material, without explaining operations theory, will not pass.

Content should be relevant and accurate. All statements need to be supported by references from the

recommended text(s) and readings. Sources of ideas or direct quotations must be acknowledged

throughout the report and compiled in a table of references at the end.

The format/structure of your report must include: title page, abstract or executive summary, contents

page, page numbers, section and sub­section headers with numbering, titled figures and tables with

sources stated, conclusions and recommendations, references and appendix items.

Make sure that you conduct a proper literature search using the Social Science Citation Index (ISI

Web of Science) and Internet search engines before planning the report. Make sure that you

reference all the materials consulted and provide the details of the sources. Try not to exceed the

prescribed length, and submit in time.

The report should be typed in 12 points and single­spaced with 2.5cm margins (font: Arial).

Figures and Tables are to be used sparingly and numbered sequentially, and more extensive data

should be attached as appendices at the end.


Please refer to the regulations for submission of reports in ‘Procedures’, ‘Submission’ and


In terms of evaluation, the following factors will be considered:

? Addresses the question: the relevance of content in addressing the question. e.g. discuss,

compare and contrast.

? Use of research and examples: the use of material including course readings, research findings

or other forms of evidence.

? Analysis and development of argument: the construction of a coherent and convincing

argument for holding a particular view.

? Depth of knowledge and critical understanding: depth of knowledge of relevant literature and

ability to use complex concepts and ideas.

? Originally: Provision of new insights or original ideas based on independent thought or creative


? Structure: A logical arrangement of the work into sections (introduction, main points, conclusion)

with appropriate paragraphs, signposts and linking.

? Presentation: Putting across ideas clearly, succinctly and without grammatical or spelling errors.

? Referencing and bibliography: Acknowledgement of sources using appropriate citation

conventions. e.g. Harvard Business standards.

pported delivered and developed inLATE SUBMISSION POLICY:

Late submissions will be graded according to the college’s Mitigating Circumstances policy, when

submitted along with dully filled Mitigating Circumstances form available from the college, along with

documentary proof (i.e., a medical certificate or an employer’s letter) if applicable.


The coursework will be marked electronically. You will receive coursework feedback via Moodle.


Each piece of coursework should be no more than 2,000 words. Marks may be deducted if

coursework exceeds word limit.


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