an easy target cask of amontillado

In Edgar Allen Poe’s chilling story, “The Cask of Amontillado,” this was Montresor, the protagonist’s, family motto. After being rudely insulted by a wine connoisseur, by the name of Fortunato, this motto came into play. On the night of an event called Carnival Night, in Italy, Fortunato, the antagonist, became a target of revenge. He was led into believing that something sweet awaited him.

Little did he know that he was walking right into his doom. Fortunato makes himself an easy target because he was persistent, gullible, and foolish. In most cases, persistence would be a good thing but in this case, it worked against Fortunato. In the story, to lure him into his house, Montressor uses a fine wine, by the name of amontillado, as bait. Being a wine connoisseur, he favored wine. It seemed like he would do anything to get his hands on the amontillado. He even had a chance of escaping when Montressor had said, “Come….

We will go back. ”He was already ill and drunk and didn’t take his health condition into consideration. He kept trying to get the wine. His need of the amontillado killed him. Persistency wasn’t the only trait that caused Fortunato’s death. The antagonist was also a very gullible fellow. He was constantly lied to and didn’t even have the slightest clue. When Montressor had told him about wanting Luchresi to try the wine was when his gullibility showed the most. Our protagonist’s goal at that moment was accomplished, by making Fortunato jealous.

Did he honestly think that Montressor would let anyone taste the amontillado? If I were in Fortunato’s situation, I would have thought twice about why Montressor would even mention having Luchresi try the wine. He also believed that Montressor was his true friend. He didn’t even stop and think about why his “friend” was being so kind after being insulted by him. This brings us to the topic of Fortunato stupidity. Lastly, despite the fact that he was of great status, Fortunato lacked sense, making him seem like a foolish man.

Throughout the story, the protagonist kept dropping hints about what he was he was going to do. Hints like his family motto the fact that he was being a bit too kind and the lack of presence in the house, in my opinion, should have told Fortunato that he was up to something. The next event that shows fortunate foolishness was when he was led into the catacombs. Although he was drunk, he should have the least thought of why Montressor would ever put fine wine in a cemetery. Fortunato’s addiction to wine took over the little sense that he had.

As you can see, Fortunato made revenge a walk in the park for Montressor. He followed Montressor’s plan like he was reading from a script, from the beginning. From reading this story, I learned the true meaning of karma. Fortunato’s past actions and his craving for wine made him an easy kill. I also learned about impatience. Montresor let his feelings get to him. I truly liked this story, but overall my opinion is that no matter how easy it may be or good it may feel, revenge is never the answer.

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