Policy analysis for specialist audiences: Students will complete writing assignments requiring them to

identify, summarize, and analyze competing interests/actors and potential solutions related to a

pressing international or global problem. As part of this assignment, students will learn the following

novice­level writing skills: citation and attribution; writing brief descriptions of a problem; analytic

writing of contending actors and interests; and professional detachment from ideological or

normative interpretations.

8 pages text plus map, chart, table References

Introduction (To Client: agency, ngo, government) thesis

Statement of issue – ( e.g. environment, development, human rights)

Background – portrayal of country

Literature review Perspectives (geography, economics, politics, history, anthropology)

Discussion of issues in country

Policy Options ­ initial choices ­ grounded in the literature

(groups (actors), costs, feasibility, external and internal pressures, constraints)

Recommendations (selection, description, implementation, monitoring, limitations)


Includes map, chart, table, figures.

Use Subheadings

References. Title this ­ References Cited.

You should list all references cited in the paper.

You should not list references not cited in the paper.

Use Chicago format.

Internal citations should use the following form: (Smith 2010).

If you have a quote, then include page number (Smith 2010, 25).

Do not use footnotes or endnotes.

Have references from the country.

Have a reference in a language other than English.


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