Answer the following questions separately (1-1.5 pgs. each) as one assignment. List each question, then respond to each question citing current references from literature.
What are your thoughts about our responsibilities as global citizens and professionals? (refer to news article I provided or use, cite another valid source of information from research, and use your textbook)
• What is an advocate? Levels of advocacy, -commitment?
• What do informed advocates believe (in general)?
• Discuss the need for advocacy.
• As an Early Childhood professional, what context are you most familiar or comfortable working in?
• What advocacy activities have you observed colleagues or supervisors engaged in?
• How do you describe the difference between micro (personal) advocacy and macro (social) advocacy?
• Why is becoming an advocate a life time commitment for many individuals?
• Why is it important to view advocacy from both a national and global perspective?
• List some advocacy issues you feel are important to address further. Why do you believe that they are important?


• Thinking globally, what issues do you believe to be the most critical to the well-being of the world’s children?
• What connections do you see between your habits as a consumer and the living conditions of children in your community or around the globe?
• What role(s) does gender, social status, economic level -(wealth, poverty) play in accessing Educational Opportunities?
• What role(s) does education play in a country’s politics, policy and power?
Choose a social issue that you are interested in. Begin to study this issue by searching newspapers, websites and journals. Identify the bodies of knowledge or information that are relevant to fully understand this issue.
Discuss the importance of maintaining currency in the field of early childhood education. What does it mean to be current? What is the relationship between being current and being an informed advocate?
Distinguish, through example, the difference between a citizen’s role in influencing public policy development and an advocate’s role.


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