This is a paper that is focusing on the advice to Canadian prime minister on a recent international crisis. The paper also provides additional information to use in writing the assignment paper clearly.

Advice to Canadian prime minister on a recent international crisis

You’ve been asked to advise the Canadian prime minister on a recent international crisis. Choose ONE of the below topics and write a max 1,000-word policy brief for the prime minister and his team.

Note: These people are very busy with Covid-19 and other things, so write in a clear and straightforward way. This isn’t an academic essay and thus doesn’t require footnotes/endnotes and/or citations, but you must write in full sentences. Use the three-part structure below to guide your policy brief.

Remember: you are writing to the Canadian prime minister, so keep Canada’s national interest and Canada’s capabilities in mind. No outside reading is needed aside from the short readings (in pdf) included below. You should definitely use the lecture slides and/or readings from the syllabus (especially for theoretical framing and IR concepts).

By ‘policy’ recommendations, we mean actions; in other words, what specifically do you think Canada should do about the below problem that you’ve chosen. Be specific but also be humble about what Canada (as a ‘middle power’) can actually do (so sorry, Canada launching a military invasion—even if that was desirable—isn’t on-the-table).

Structure of your policy brief:

What is the policy problem? (less than 100 words)

What is the best theoretical lens (e.g. realist, liberal or constructivist) framework to be understand the issue? (about 500 words)

Be sure to make some IR-related concepts covered in classes 1-5 (e.g. sovereignty, anarchy, trade, democracy, human rights, etc)

What is your policy recommendation? (also incorporate at least one of these three IR theories) (about 500 words)

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