This paper focuses on Adaptive, Followership, and Team Leadership Theories. For each discussion board forum, complete the module reading assignment from the Northouse textbook.

Adaptive, Followership, and Team Leadership Theories

For each discussion board forum, complete the module reading assignment from the Northouse textbook, then select 2 concepts of interest to you and research the concepts in peer-reviewed journals. Submit a thread of at least 500 words examining the relationship between the selected concepts and leadership. Then use the Merida text and other sources to provide biblical application of the concepts. Support your thread by citing at least 3 peer-reviewed journal articles. Your thread must be in current APA edition format and must include a reference list.

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This new approach sees leadership as a socially complex and ‘adaptive’ process that is not constrained by traditional hierarchies and is thus very suited to modern progressive ways of working. Recurring patterns of leading and following interactions produce emergent leader-follower identities, relationships and social structures, which enables groups to evolve dynamically. This ‘adaptive leadership theory’ offers a basis for re-examining traditional theories that focus instead on, for example, individualistic or hierarchical views of leadership.


Much of the recent research into leadership seems to note the same thing: current leadership theories are lacking something, or limiting in their conceptualization. Elaborating on this, the author of this paper introduces a new theory, based on the idea that leadership consists of a series of recurring leading-following double interacts that anyone can participate in. The process, he says, is more of a dynamic and fluid one, rather than simply involving people as just leaders or followers.

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