Acute Myocardial Infarction

Develop a teaching plan based on the teaching intervention from your evolving concept map. Please use the teaching plan template to create your teaching plan. You must provide at least 3 teaching objectives. Make sure you address the patient’s learning style and cultural considerations. You must address the 3 learning domains in your teaching plan. Outline teaching tools and methods to be used. Identify any barriers to learning. Please make sure you view the interactive presentation for the week and the tutorial video before completing your teaching plan.


Teaching Plan Form

NUR 200: LPN/LVN to RN Role Transition


Instructions Teaching Plan
Objectives (3)

Include at least three teaching objectives.

(The patient will:)

Patient will verbalize the understanding of condition, potential complications, and individual risk factors.

Patient will be able to report absence of angina with activity.

Patient will demonstrate the use of relaxation techniques

Outline of Content

Write an outline of content that will be taught.

Monitoring and documenting characteristic of pain, noting verbal reports, non-verbal cues (moaning, crying, grimacing BP or Heart rate changes)

Administering supplemental oxygen by means of nasal cannula or face mask

Advising patient to report pain immediately

Providing quiet environment, calm activities and comfort measures

Dealing with the patient calmly and confidently

Checking vital signs before and after narcotic medication

Instruct patient to do relaxing technique: deep and slow breathing, distraction behaviors, visualization and guided imagery.

Instruct the patient to reduce exacting abdominal pressure (Linton,2012)

Assessment Learning Readiness

Assessment criteria needed for chosen audience’s readiness to learn.

Teaching Tools

Description of teaching tools that will be used when presenting the Teaching Plan to chosen audience.

Blood pressure meter –Device used to measure blood pressure

Heart rate monitor- Device to monitor heart beats

Cardiac arrest trolley- Device to check for cardiac arrest


(cultural, literacy, other)

Describe chosen audience and considerations needed when teaching.

Evaluation of teaching

Evaluation of the objectives.


Gould, B. E., & Dyer, R. (2011). Pathophysiology for the health professions. St. Louis, MO: Saunders/Elsevier.

Linton, A. D. (2012). Introduction to medical-surgical nursing. St. Louis, MO: Elsevier Saunders.

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