Accumulation dust and self-cleaning in relation to PV applications in Saudi Arabia details: Saudi Arabia is one of the largest oil exporters in the world and it relies entirely on oil in order to produce energy, which leads to pollution in all its forms because of the refining processes that occur to produce oil derivatives.

Saudi Arabia has begun to seriously consider the use of renewable energy instead of oil and its derivatives to reduce environmental pollution and rely on environmentally friendly sources of energy. King Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable Energy was established in 2010 and has allocated about US $108 billion for huge projects for the purpose of generating large amounts of electricity through solar energy. However, Saudi Arabia is a dry, dusty, hot desert environment. Accumulation dust reduces the solar panels efficiency, keeping PV’s clean in such a way is challenging. This project involves examination of development of PV cleaning strategies and/or technologies for K.S.A 

in this assignment you have to do the following :

• Draw a concept map of your research topic;
• Translate those key concepts into a search statement;
• Search for relevant engineering literature;
• Identify authoritative, reputable and reliable information sources on your research topic;
• Submit a summary analysis of three key references;
• Identity and categorize trends found in the literature;
• Explain what impact literature findings have had on the design of your project; 
• Locate published authorities (acknowledged experts) in your field of research; 
• Compile a reference list of the most useful literature on your topic. 

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