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Term Paper

The goal of this paper is to demonstrate your understanding of the course material by applying that material to a concrete, real-world case. The case will be provided below.

Specific Goals

  • Explain the case, identifying the elements that are morally relevant and explaining why they are relevant.
  • Provide an analysis of the case from two different theoretical perspectives. For example, you might explain how a utilitarian would approach the case versus how a Kantian would approach the case.
  • Critically evaluate the two perspectives, identifying the strengths and weaknesses.

Note, however, that your instructors are all willing to work with you if you need more time at the end of this semester to complete assignments. Ordinary restrictions on incompletes are being loosened during this period. So, if getting the paper done on this timeline imposes a significant difficulty on you, just let me know.

Further Instructions

It is not necessary that you draw a conclusion about which perspective is correct, but you are welcome to do so, especially if in doing so, you demonstrate your understanding of course material.

There is no specific word count, page length, format, etc. that you must use. None of that will, by itself, make your paper any stronger or weaker. That being said, I expect that a good paper will likely be between 750 and 1,250 words. Again: you will not lose points nor gain points for word count. This is merely a guideline.

You will turn this paper in as a .pdf or .doc/docx file via Canvas.

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