Task 1: A critical discussion of a theory related to social pedagogy. 

This should focus on a theoretical topic of your choice and reflect the content of the module. You may choose to focus on a single theorist, or a particular aspect of a theorist’s work. Alternatively you may choose to focus on a concept which you approach from a range of perspectives, using several theorists. 

Essay (2000 words) on a theoretical topic of the student’s choice but building upon the content of the module and extensive self-directed reading (50%)

You should focus on Saul Alinsky – Community Organisation and Leadership. See the attached for the document to use: Saul.Alinksy.-.Community.organzing.model.for.neighborhood.based.literacy.pdf. 

Consider the theorist in his / her historical context and discuss the implications for using their ideas here and now (in diverse London); how it impacts on young Londoners today

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