You will be given a Serious Case Review which you will then need to explain the processes, policies and legislation which would apply and discuss the bespoke question that has been set.

Serious case review:
Taking a multi-professional perspective provide a critical analysis of the findings of the serious case review into the death of Polly. Identify and apply the relevant processes, policies and legislation that should have driven professional interventions and offer an analytical response to why these might have been fully applied.

– Critically analyse and apply the role of legislation, policies and procedures on supporting the child at risk and in relation to the SCR. 
– Consideration of the application of theories, models and approaches when working in safeguarding and in respect to the SCR.
– Critically examine and analyse the role of different agencies and professionals within the SCR with regards to child protection and safeguarding and processes. 
– Consideration of inter-professional working and multidisciplinary approaches and the barriers at play within the SCR

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