This is the first piece of writing that will be included in your Final Draft.  Your report will be written in parts.  For this assignment, you will include:


· A Cover Page

· Table of Contents

· A Reference page 

· Include two sections:  an introduction and background section

· A header with your title on each page (but not the cover page)

· In total you should have approx. 1000 words

· One clearly and correctly cited quotation

· One clearly and correctly cited image


Your paper will be marked based on the marking form and will consider the:


Ø language

Ø organization

Ø coherence and clarity of your ideas

Ø APA referencing (including in-text citations and References list).






· I would strongly advise that you have the AWC review your work before you submit to your instructor.   


· You should bring your portfolio binder containing all sources with the passages/ideas that you want to quote to be sure you have all required publishing APA info for this.


· Please use Times New Roman size 12 for your font.  Double space your work.  


· Submit your assignment using the D2L Dropbox

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