a persons career choice should be determined by his or her interest

At some point in their life, people need to take up a career. As there are many career choices in this world, people need to think carefully in order to find the right one for them. Many of them choose their careers based on the salary, their skills and talents or qualification or influences from role model. However, in my opinion, our career choice should be determined by our own interest. This is because it brings motivation, enjoyment and satisfaction to us. The first reason why we choose our career based on interest is because when we do something that we like, we can motivate ourselves.

For example as students, if we want to achieve a good result, we will learn from the beginning and take the initiative to organize study groups with our friends. The same also occurs in our workplace. We will give our total commitment to do well in our work if we are interested in the career. We also can motivate ourselves to learn not to give up easily, especially when we have to face challenges or failures. We will try even harder to do the work again if we have failed until it is successful. For example, if we are policemen, we will not easily give up or be afraid of catching criminals.

In addition, we do not mind working long hours to solve any case. Other than that, if we have interest in our career, we can build a dedicated characteristic in ourselves. It is the same case with a teacher. It is not easy to be teachers because we have to face all types of students’ attitudes and behaviours. If we love to be teachers, then we will possess high spirits to teach our students in order to help them to achieve good results in the examinations or to mould them to be useful citizens one day. Therefore, our career choice that is based on interest can give us motivation to do well in our career.

Another reason why we choose our career based on interest is we can have enjoyment in our work. We would love to do any work that can be enjoying to us. This is because being interested in our career can bring happiness as it helps to reduce stress. Even though we have to face a lot of workload, we will take it as a challenge and not as a burden that stresses us. It does not matter if we have to work overtime too. It is also the same when we are scolded by our superiors or employers. We will take the criticism as a way to improve or to encourage ourselves to do even better in the next task.

Moreover, we will think creatively and create a new product to help our companies to enhance their profits. For example, when we love to be a scientist, we can always think and create a new antidote to cure patients that suffer from HIV. We also will not feel depressed because we always think positively and look at the bright side when we are interested in our career. This will make ourselves more cheerful, confident and never give up easily when facing problem in our work. This is because when we enjoy our work, we surely can have a good relationship with our colleagues.

This will make us feeling pleased when doing our work and thus, we will not think of changing our career. Therefore, having a career based on our interest can actually bring happiness to us and lead us to a brighter future. In addition, interest-based careers will definitely give us satisfaction. When we like our career, we will do any task given earnestly. For example, if we are very interested to be singers, we will sharpen the talents we have. We will try to please the audience by performing well on stage. In this case, we can achieve the satisfaction when we see the audience are happy.

Other than that, we will grab the opportunity to organize a concert to entertain the audience. When we have managed to sell all the tickets, this signifies that we are successful as we have attracted a lot of fans. When people love us, we can be famous. We also can achieve our goal when we receive many awards. This will make us satisfied in our career. It is different when we have a career that we do not like. For example, if we become doctors, following our parents’ expectations or based on high salary, we may feel bored doing the same routine every day. We may treat our patients but not satisfied with the job.

It will make us be very depressed and thus cannot do our career better or cannot have a good relationship with our colleagues and patients. That is why we will have satisfaction if we choose our career based on our own interest. In conclusion, our career choice should be determined by our interest. This is because it surely brings motivation, enjoyment and satisfaction to us. Deciding on the career that we like can ensure a bright future. Our family or friends should not expect us to choose a career based on other factors because it cannot guarantee us benefits in the future.

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