Prepare a management report on an organisation within one of the following industry/sectors:

1. Human health and social work activities
2. Financial and insurance activities
3. Programming and broadcasting activities
4. Fishing and aquaculture 

Must follow the instruction to write the task 1 and 2

Choose one of the following themes:
1. Disruptive Innovation
2. Competitive Dynamics
3. Global Warming
4. Financial Regulation/Deregulation
5. Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility
6. Demographic factors

In relation to your chosen theme:

A: Analyse its relevance to your chosen organisation and how it influences policies and decision-making within your chosen organisation or industry-sector.
B: Critically evaluate the effectiveness of the organisation’s response.
C: If possible and appropriate, demonstrate some areas for improvement in the response of the organisation. If you consider it not possible and appropriate to suggest areas for improvement, justify your position.

The client would like you to choose a company case study – giving suggestions of improvement. The would like company analysis to be conducted.

1. The report must be presented in business report format and style. 
2. Minimum 35 references are required, in text citation and references list are important.
3. Attach the figures and annual report in appendices. 

4000 + Organisation profile + 250 executive summary + Appendices.

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